Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

god bless all of our blogger friends and may you have a very happy christmas! bernie and terry

2 Corinthians 9:15
Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Felisol's Sweetheart on the Far Side of the Sea

gunnar is a proud norwegian and i am sure that he doesn't mind a birthday picture of himself under the norwegian flag!

Norway's national flag is also displayed outside the home of a birthday person. On the birthdays of important people, the streets in Norway are decorated with flags.
now every year, it is the same thing...this man on the far side of the sea has to share his birthday with christmas.
well i just thought that he would enjoy this song from norway that bernie and i had ordered in from you tube!
gunnar is young at heart like his princess daughter, serina and so is felisol and mom ljung young at heart and so i think that they all will enjoy this delightful song!

...Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or Bends with the remover to remove. O, no! It is an ever-fixed mark, That looks on tempests and is never shaken. It is the star to every wandering bark, whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
William Shakespeare.
these are some lovely words that felisol quoted about gunnar for his 2008 birthday,
in fact you can read the whole moving post of gunnar's birthday that felisol wrote in her blog

once again gunnar from the opposite of the sea, we wish you a happy birthday....with love bernie and terry

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let it Snow, Even On a Ruby Tuesday, eh Mrs. Mac?

now i was chided by my boy sonny[the little guy i used to babysit in my beloved manitoba] to "WHY i hadn't put in my ruby tuesday post"?
and i was also chided by the little red car as to "WHY i haven't featured her for quite a while"? and so here it is you dec 21 ruby tuesday!'s ruby tuesday is just INCREDIBLE!!!

we had quite a nice fall to begin the little red car has just a sprinkling of light snow....for sure and the grass is still green!

i was invited by "little red riding hood" [as amrita calls the little red car.] just stand by her wearing my sisterhood red scarf and have bernie take our picture.

..and then i took bernie's picture ...he was wearing MY scarf!

and then alas!...woe is me....that mrs. mac "idaho snow queen" struck southern ontario and dumped a huge load of snow!
for sure and i DID take a picture of the "covered in white" little red car but in no way would bernie and i stand beside her for a photo shot...NO WAY! !

have a happy ruby tuesday sonny, little red car, and even YOU mrs. mac and amrita and every body else....especially our beloved teach mary............god bless you all terry

THIS is for you mrs. idaho snow queen... for sure and it is almost christmas and so i will hold no grudges!

....this doesn't mean you can dump more snow in january!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

How About Your Heart?

this is one of my favourite songs by the blackwood brothers.
never will i forget the day several years ago now when james blackwood and his quartet came to welland to sing....i asked mr. blackwood before the concert started if they would sing "how about your heart?" is a very old hymn and mr. blackwood told me he might not remember the words!
after the intermission when the quartet returned to the stage to sing, how my heart filled with joy as james blackwood announced in a soft voice.."this song is by request", and they SANG it!
the words to this hymn are soul searching!

have a blessed lords day terry

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Ruby Tuesday Post For Tammi

last week, in my post box, i received this lovely cd.
it is a beautiful collection of hymns which are skilfully played by tammi yates who is a young christian lady who uses her musical talents for the lord.
with all of the tints of red on tammi's stunning dress and on the cd itself, i thought it would make an excellent ruby tuesday post.

this is the front cover of the cd and the sunset or is it a sunrise[?] is a colourful as the sunsets that live in my beloved manitoba! so nice!
..but it doesn't compare to the lovely lassie who is sitting here!

these are the hymns that tammi plays on the cd and alas, they are not to be found on you tube and so i couldn't order any in!
the first hymn, in particular is almost one of my favourites!

on the inside of the cd i found this note that shows you exactly what tammi is proclaiming in this cd and it also shows you exactly what this dear christen sister stands for!
you can find her blog at...
i will ever be grateful to sandy for introducing her to us on her blog...

god bless you tammi yates and bless this work that you are doing for his terry

ps...everyone...happy ruby tuesday!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

We Really Need The Lord!

have a blessed lord's terry

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ruby Day Tuesday Birthday Girl The Day After

mary our ruby tuesday teach

today, on the far side of the sea there was a celebration going on because you see, it was my bestest friend, felisol's birthday. i feel bad that this post is too late but i guess it is better late than never, eh?

this lovely pink flower lives in norway and it was photographed by the birthday girl, herself. i "borrowed" it from her blog, along with some of her family pictures, a beautiful family indeed that consists of her cameo mom ljung, her dad who now lives in heaven but who is ever in the hearts of the rest, her handsome husband, gunnar and her equally good looking brother, kel, her daughter who is a princess and of course, felisol, our birthday girl!

this photo of felisol making snow angels was taken on her 60th birthday but i heard it from a reliable source that felisol, just last week was keeping busy making snow angels in the snow that the snow queen of idaho, mrs.mac had dumped all over norway!
felisol is so young at heart and such a tender forgiving soul..i find it really hard to forgive that snow queen for giving southern ontario any of that white stuff!

...and so while felisol is playing in the snow, i shall have the kittie play her a birthday song!

now mr. jim's granddaughter, adi wanted a piece of the action and so here she is making havoc of the birthday cake that i had ordered in from google images.
well it just serves that felisol right if that doggie gobbles up the whole thing..after all she is too interested in making SNOW ANGELS than coming in where it is warm to blow out the 61 candles on her cake!

no matter felisol...bernie and i and mom and dad golden love you so much and so we wish to you happy happy birthday! terry

ps.. you are a blessing in our life!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Late Ruby Tuesday Post
these pretty little red shoes are mary the teach's latest creation for her ruby tuesday...aren't they just the sweetest things and isn't our teach mary just the best!

this is a very late ruby tuesday. i really didn't think i would have the time to write a post because i had a very important letter to write to my bestest friend who lives on the far side of the sea, but when bernie and i went to see mom golden this evening, the pretty red signs of christmas met us right in her apartment building entrance...such a beautiful christmas tree and many decorations!

we had to hurry along though because mom golden was waiting for her computer lessons which bernie gives to her most evenings.after steaming cups of tea the class started, lasting a half hour.
mom golden is an enthusiastic student..
yes, alas we had to leave the christmas tree but my camera resolved to snap some more pictures on the way out!

and here is the first one of the pretty scene!

we discovered rudolph on top of the mail boxes waiting to see to it that everyone received many christmas cards!

while this fellow here, mr. snowman offers the return mail [for just december mind you]...the return to sender any of the fat bills that everyone has!

this is such a cute decoration over the door.

these christmas bells are ringing as they tell the news that christ jesus came to this world as a BABE that grew up to be the MAN christ jesus who died for everyone!
what a joyful sound!

these little dollies appear to be having a fun time as they rest on the door ledge..

now that mr. santa clause is such a bold person!
just imagine THAT..he has hung up two stocking demanding to be filled with cookies and the other to be filled with a litre carton of milk..
for sure and this is not very polite of him! indeed!

i guess these two stockings belong to the landlord and landlady...hmmm...i wonder what THEY will be filled with?

such a lovely wreath with mr. snowman standing under it.

the camera wanted to take a photo of the beautiful angel on top of the tree.

we took one more look at the tree and..

headed out the door which was covered with snow flakes[ART snowflakes thankfully] the little red car which had been waiting for us in the pouring rain for a couple of hours....and she took us home..

happy ruby tuesday everybody!! had better not listen to that mr.snow man....for sure and you had better not return to the sender ANY of your fat bills...ha!

god bless terry

The Gospel bells are ringing,
Over land, from sea to sea:
Blessed news of free salvation
Do they offer you and me.
For God so loved the world
That His only Son He gave;
Whosoever believeth in Him
Everlasting life shall have.


Gospel bells, how they ring;
Over land from sea to sea;
Gospel bells freely bring
Blessed news to you and me

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ruby Tuesday On A Autumn Snowy Day Eh?

the weather has been very fine in idaho...the idaho snow queen has been very kind, but this kindness turned quite chilly last week as she looked around to see where she could dump a load of snow and here she has done it...dumped a whole lot of snow in my beloved manitoba and piled it high on to the little town that saija and leo and their kitty, indie live!
saija was kind enough to let me use these tell tale pictures of the terrible deed!
here the idaho snow queen rests triumphaly beside the christmas tree that is full of red ribbons and red ornaments.... and leo's red cap!

here is the proof!

here saija is trying to shovel and here leo stands without even a coat or boots or mittens and here indie is shaped into a cold black furry ball...for sure and she is NOT used to this treatment!
why didn't the idaho snow queen come for a visit in the spring when she was the idaho lilac princess???...NOT nice!

not one bit of pity does the queen have.. begging for pity through the frosty window brings no results.
i remember such winter days when the goldens lived in my beloved manitoba and mom golden would not let us come in and WE didn't have mittens either...too many pairs of hands for sure and so we had to wear old stockings on our hands!
i wonder if the idaho snow queen was around THEN?

who can really imagine that this little princess sitting beside her handsome prince would ever change into a SNOW queen...alas!

well i guess i better forgive her, just in case she decides to come to southern ontario to dump a load....besides i have to wish her a belated happy anniversary like i try to every year on this blog and so mrs.mac i have kept my promise to you and so could you promise me to keep your snow in idaho where it belongs!!!
happy anniversary!..

oh these beautiful glittering hearts will make this a legal ruby tuesday!
happy ruby tuesday everyone even you mrs. mac and saija and leo and indie and EVERYONE!
god terry

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanks Betty!

this morning, my sister, betty emailed me this video.
it was created at the welland seaway mall and not only did bernie and i recognize so many of the people, but we were also touched in our hearts listening to the song...
thanks betty for sending this to us and putting an uplift to our day.
we will play it for mom golden tomorrow when we go and see terry

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Four Days Later For Dad Golden's Birthday

last Friday dad golden celebrated his birthday...he is 84 years old!
sandra[number five child] and gail[number seven child] came down from toronto and outside of toronto to bring him a chocolate candles and all!
...and they brought mom golden a bouquet of purple flowers

gail looks pretty in her nice pink sweater.
dad golden didn't want 84 candles on his cake because he and mom golden live in an apartment building....and dad golden is a fire man from way back.

the candles are lit...but the birthday boy has to wait until....

the photographer takes a picture of father and his beloved daughter

the candles are all blown out but dad golden forgot to make a wish!..alas!

mom golden in her lovely red skirt sits herself down to take a picture of her old sweetheart!

dad golden likes the cake!

and so does bernie.

and so does mom golden!

the cake is gone and so back to the electronics!
gail is showing bernie her i-phone..gail's phone is absolutely stuffed full of family pictures...a treasure chest for sure..worth more than great treasures!

mom golden is sitting in the middle of her two computing daughters...both of the lap tops belong to mom golden! she is a comutin' dude too, eh?

oh oh! comes someone that is going to steal all the attention from the birthday boy and it is none other than eric and marie's baby.

coming to see her great grampa golden...and so here they are folks..the oldest and the youngest of the clan!

gracey[number six child] is the proud gramma of this little treasure and she has three other grand children too!

yes auntie sandra and mom and dad here admiring the centre of attention!

auntie gail getting a piece of the action!

back once more into gramma'a arms!

but what is going on...why am i alone and WHY is that camera lady taking so many pictures of me???

alas little lassie it seems like everyone is saying their farewells[the goldens never say good bye..they always say "see you later".
marie says "see you later aunt sandra".

"group hug" says auntie gail as she throws her arms aroung marie and eric.

"see you next time gail "hortense" when you come again from the big city.
dad golden phones gail every day at nine in the morning, one hour after he phones gary and two hours after he phones bernie and golden is a busy guy on the phone..waking up his kids

and now farewell to sandra who will be taking gail home...
[it is well passed dad golden's bed time!..ha!!

oh oh! did SOMEBODY say they were going to take mom golden out shopping?
haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!there she sits all ready sandra and gail!