Friday, November 30, 2007

Further Update

After writing my report on Dad Golden, my heart was settled down and I got to thinking...It must be God's timing because now Dad Golden will have that chance to quiet himself while he is waiting and really face the situation.I had two chances to say something about the Lord to him yesterday.The first was when he was in such turmoil downstairs waiting...He said.."Just let me die!"I said, "Yes and then what dad?"That is all I said.The next time was upstairs and his nurse was talking nicely to him and he said. "I have six daughters and three sons. I lost one boy when he was 35 and it still hurts me."I told the nurse right in front of Dad while I patted dad. "No we didn't lose David. He is in heaven and if dad only believes in Jesus, he will see him again. His mom is there too"[Gramma Golden wasn't saved until she was in her 70's]With all of your prayers, I am sure that God is going to use every opportunity that He can to speak to dad.I will keep you updated..And I am so relieved that mom has postponed her appointment until Dec 10.And yesterday Grace who stayed with her took her out to a good restaurant where mom had a good meal, so I really think that her difficulty in swallowing is because she has had so much stress..I will not go up to the hospital until I hear that they are giving dad the operation because I think that he should be alone with God. I will take my mom out instead because maybe she will be able to handle a baked potato at Wendy's, eh?She will be stay overnight at Betty and John's for the next little while until Dad comes home..We all do what we can and this is what Betty can do.I love you all so much! Terry

Update On Dad Golden

My dear friends....I am sorry that I didn't update sooner.It has been such a burden yesterday.Dad was in good spirits when my two uncles and I went with him to the hospital.He was made all ready for the operation and then my two uncles left and it would be just a matter of one and a half hours of waiting for the nurses to take my dad down.Well 3:30 and past, nothing.My dad was getting very distraught and losing his temper. I could barley stand it as he was hollering..Finally a nurse came in and said, "I have bad news..the operation has been cancelled.They wanted dad to go home!I went to the desk and inquired," What has happened? My dad has been on the waiting list for months for this and now he isn't getting it?!"I was so upset that they called the operating nurse down and while we waited for her to come, dad was getting out of control.When she did come down, I asked her what was going on. She said dad's heart was medically unfit to take the operation and" there was nothing we can do"..A NURSE told me that. Now in my former years of nursing, we were never permitted to tell a person anything. It had to be the doctor himself relaying the message." Well my dad has been getting very dizzy. I am not taking him home, please even if you can't find a room at least let him stay in a hallway.""He can't because he has to be monitored".And we have no free bed""Well I am NOT taking him home!"I guess she did not know about the army of folks that were praying as she changed her mind and said, "OK I will call the doctor and ask what has to be done."She did call him and the doctor told her to admit dad.NOW...I had to wait with dad for that!And he kept getting worse and worse! Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and I told dad, "Please at least calm down while I go and use the phone!"He promised and I went to call mom.I was just down the hall so I could see dad. There is a spot where I was allowed to use my cell phone.I called Grampa Yade first and told Gramma Yade that we were in a situation that only prayer and the Lord could solve.She said they would be praying for this after I told her what it was all about.Then I dialled mom's number but had to drop it quick as I saw a tall young man going to dad.Well when I got to his side, the young man said that he was bringing dad up to the fifth floor to the "step down" heart unit.Oh boy what a relief!They sent a heart specialist to dad who checked him very thoroughly as dad lay in a soft bed fit for a king!That doctor told him that he was fit for the operation and now they will do it hopefully today if they find an opening....Oh I hope so.I will phone the hospital and tell them to leave me a message as to when this will be because for now I have to take mom to the hospital for some tests she has to take for her throat. She hasn't been able to swallow her food lately and she is down to 92 pounds..Thank you for your help...I just don't know what we would do without it!!....Love Terry

I am going to put this same comment on my Canadian Blog because my hands are shaking too much for me to write it again

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Letter For Dad Golden

Yesterday, I received this letter in my email and at the advise of two of my dear blogging friends, I have put it in here for you to read.
I read it to Dad over the phone last night and now I am printing it out for him.
It will do him so much good to read it himself!
Thank you ALL for your prayers for Dad Golden.
He goes tomorrow for his operation at 3:30 Ontario time and I will keep you posted....Love Terry

PS You will have to click on to the letter to read it. I don't know how to re size these things yet!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Susan Walker Girl Here Is Your Southern Ontario Autumn!

It was just last week that Betty and John took me out to the country to take some autumn pictures and I am dedicating them to my kindred spirit, Susan Walker who is a fall loving girl!
I was suppose to put these in yesterday but that Mom Golden kept me pretty busy, visiting the local doctors and then kept me running the same way today!
Well anyways Susan Walker Girl....I really hope you like the pictures.
This week the trees are finally bare and so we must look forward and do no complaining to Mrs. Mac, the winter loving girl!!!