Saturday, October 27, 2012

Come Unto Me

last saturday my best friend. felisol sent this over to dad golden on her blog and we were all so touched...bernie, mom golden and myself, as i sat dad golden down and as he read it out loud for us...he never said too much but he seemed so quiet and contented the rest of the evening...this is such a great felisol and my sister friend, deb really believe that dad golden really is saved....he told my nephew, darrell that he had been saved when he was twelve years old...i so loved the comment that jada gigi, another of my precious sister friend made on felisol's blog....Jada's Gigi said... "I'm convinced that Dad golden is a closet believer." thank you so much felisol for making it your great responsibility and holding dad golden as your prayer child....i love you so terry
a nice lady let felisol use this verse and picture and it looks like she will let us all use her site..thank you lauren davenport! Lauren Davenport in the blog Life and Breath and Everything Else has allowed us to share her photos for free, just by linking them to her blog.
the lord has been so faithful to the golden are the four golden with his granddaughter, amanda beside him and gracey, dad golden's fifth child, holding dad golden's great grand son lucas....what blessings we have been given by the lord!....