Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What Mr. Jim Found At The End Of The Rainbow

Happy Birthday To Mrs. Jim ...A New Years Baby!

When I heard today that it was Gramma Jim's birthday, I had to scurry about to find some pictures which were needed to make a birthday card for this special lady.
I only got to one blog and that was Adi's Grampas' and found exactly what I needed.
No need to swipe any pictures from Saija or Jel!..[as I usually do]!
Adi and Amber and BP, Mrs. Jim's grandchildren and Karen, her beloved daughter and her son-in-law wanted to add their congratulations too, so I have added this card from them.
Adi has a hidden motive though.
She wants a big piece of that chocolate cake with ice cream!

Have a great day Mrs. Jim!!..Love Bernie and Terry