Wednesday, August 19, 2009

happy anniversary sent to gunnar and felisol on the far side of the sea

it has just become august 19th here in southern ontario, just in time to wish to two lovers on the far side of the sea a very happy anniversary!
happy anniversary to my bestest and may the lord continue to bless you and gunnar and your whole family.
bernie and i and mom and dad golden love you dearly..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

dearest teach mary...we are finally home from out west and here is our first ruby tuesday.
we never forgot you! terry and bernie

the first day of our vacation, the little red car drove us to north bay and because we left welland 4:30 in the morning and because of the darkness, i really couldn't take pictures until we reached our first campsite of the trip.

now these little fellows were very interested in the red tent that bernie had set out on the ground.

they came out from their watery home and started to investigate the whole situation.

finally, after satisfying their curiosity, they jumped back into the cool flowing stream, to join their parents.
bernie started for the first time on our trip to put up the ruby red tent.

here now was our home away from home that we would be living in as we made our way out west to my beloved manitoba!