Saturday, August 29, 2009

For Passing-thru, Our Friend

Far away in the depths of my spirit tonight
Rolls a melody sweeter than psalm;
In celestial strains it unceasingly falls
O’er my soul like an infinite calm.

Peace, peace, wonderful peace,
Coming down from the Father above!
Sweep over my spirit forever, I pray
In fathomless billows of love!

What a treasure I have in this wonderful peace,
Buried deep in the heart of my soul,
So secure that no power can mine it away,
While the years of eternity roll!

I am resting tonight in this wonderful peace,
Resting sweetly in Jesus’ control;
For I’m kept from all danger by night and by day,
And His glory is flooding my soul!

And I think when I rise to that city of peace,
Where the Anchor of peace I shall see,
That one strain of the song which the ransomed will sing
In that heavenly kingdom will be:

Ah, soul! are you here without comfort and rest,
Marching down the rough pathway of time?
Make Jesus your Friend ere the shadows grow dark;
O accept of this peace so sublime!

Peace, peace, wonderful peace,
Coming down from the Father above!
Sweep over my spirit forever, I pray
In fathomless billows of love!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ruby tuesday manitoban fire engine

on a hot july day the little red car drove us to the air force base that used to be my home..
we arrived to find the old red fire engine in a junk filled field.

the poor little thing looked like just a broken toy..

here i stood beside the fire engine that dad golden had worked on and even driven!..the little red car was determined to stand along side of it too for a picture and so was bernie.

here is the deserted front seat with the steering wheel intact and even some of the dials.

oh how empty that front seat deserted and lonely and still so yet clean!

oh how i respected dad golden even more than ever as i looked at those many dials and golden doesn't know the first thing about computers but oh how smart he must of been in those manitoba days when he worked as a fireman...a fireman who saved people and burning planes and buildings!

bernie took most of these pictures and the little red car and i had no idea what the things were, although this does look like part of the engine...a now forever silent engine.

it looks just like someone has poked the eyes out of the poor little fire engine. empty holes now where once there were lights that guided the firemen to the places they were needed to save people from the fires.

this is a nice back view of the truck. i can remember when two or three men would be standing on the back as they drove along.

this fire hydrant has surely seen better days

i think if the government really cared, they could at least fix this fire engine, paint it up and put it into a museum!

your guess is as good as mine as to what THIS is!

this fire hydrant is neither fit for man....

nor dawgs!

i guess this is where the hose used to go but for all the world, i think this looks like a little red face with white eyes and a mouth that is saying "oh"!

that bernie is getting as many pictures of dad golden's friend as he can!

this must have been the number of the fire engine, i imagine that some of the rivers kids whose dads worked for the air force fire fighters would know which truck their dads worked in but the only thing i know is that dad golden was fire fighter number ten. and also all i know is that we children were very proud of him.

bernie sure did take some strange pictures!

this looks like some kind of jack but i don't know me.

ah! look at the beauty of that tire. it still looks in good shape!

the tractor standing beside the truck is not part of the base history, i really do believe that it is used by the owners of the broken up base for the cows that are now being pastured in the grassy fields where there used to be houses and where little children's feet ran and played in the hot summer days and where those same little feet skated on the home made frozen skating rinks in the winter!

some parts of the black water hoses can be seen on the fire truck.

i guess this is a warning sign for the cars that used to follow the fire truck...alas! never to be heeded again!

now i am just wondering if some former fire man has engraved this red fire engine with his name?

i guess bernie really admired those is another shot of one.

this looks way too interesting but i sure don't have a clue what it is!

oh! more bewilderment for me!

some kind of pressure wheel?

dials of course that only a fireman would know what for!

more dials...

and pumping instructions...

one giant dial.

two medium, two small and one missing dial.

man there is so much to know!

no idea...not a one!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

For Connie..Julie, Meme and Diane and Crown Of Beauty

dear connie..we love you and are praying for you...
and for you oma aka meme and julie and diane and crown of beauty terry