Saturday, June 06, 2009

Thank You Miss Patty

usually i like to put a hymn on for lords day.
since visiting miss patty this friday, this song has been a melody in my heart and has shed sweet peace into my soul.
this week it was an easy choice for me to make, thanks to miss patty.
god bless you all this lord's terry

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Many Red, White, And Blue Flags Flying On A Sunny June Day

mary t. the teach

what can be more beautiful on a june day than a flock of american flags, white and blue!
what can be more exciting than becoming new american citizens on a sunny day in oregon?

this is exactly what happened to will greenleafs sons a year ago today.
this is such a moving ceremony!
i am not even american but when bernie and i received our passports because we never wanted to be separated from the united states, i cried with happiness.
i wonder if jeremiah and isaiah and their dad, will greenleaf cried too when the boys received their citizenship...

here are the two boys flying proudly with the american eagle! excited dad and his two american sons in the land of the free!

will greenleaf is a very sweet man and he is called the curious servant by all of his many friends.
he is a teacher!

he is an artist!
this statue of liberty is one of his many paintings!

he is a with his two sons in oregon!

he and his two sons jeremiah and isaiah are american citizens!
god bless them and GOD BLESS canadians bernie and terry shirkie.

Monday, June 01, 2009

For Constance...Connie

connie...your post...... was just so good today that i had to put this song in for you...
love terry

congratulations to you on your first grandson!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

to Mel

dear mel

i have put this hymn in here for you...

god bless the good work that you are doing with your blog.

it is full of great truths!.......from terry