Saturday, May 23, 2009

What A Day That Will Be

last week i was enjoying rebecca's posts over at the sisterhood of the traveling scarf blog.
as rebecca is from my beloved manitoba, i read every word of her posts and looked at each picture of manitoba's was snowing still in winnipeg,and the roads were snow covered.
one picture of a highway reminded me of the times that we were driven 33 miles to sunday school. i told rebecca that it brought back one special memory to me. one time we had invited some pentecostal children out for sunday school and all along the whole way there and back they taught us this song "there is coming a day".
i wanted to put my usual lord's day hymn in and this is my very favourite singer that sings this song...david ring.
i think that you will really enjoy it.
david ring was born with cerebral palsy and became a christian in his teens and he is a bright and shining testimony.

and here is another song that is dear to his heart and should be dear to everyone who is a christian's heart.

have a happy and blessed lord's day terry

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oma Aka Meme's Ruby Tuesday Birthday
mary t.....our teach
hey everyone ..
mary t has a contest going!
go and see what's up at her ruby tuesday post!

today it is meme's birthday and what a day she has picked because it is ruby tuesday.
sooooo....this ruby tuesday is dedicated to her!

here is a dark ruby cake for you meme, which if you really look at it closely, it seems that the candles are really burning!

this beautiful verse from the book of psalm, i really wanted to give to you my new dear friend.
this week bernie and i, before we even knew that it was your birthday, took some pictures of the blossoming crab trees.
we have so many of these trees in welland and shortly after the magnolia trees have shed their pink blossoms for another year, the crab apple trees start to bloom!

here dear meme is a well loved song.....specially for you.

i hope that you will have a very happy birthday with your terry

Sunday, May 17, 2009

happy birhtday taylor... two days late!

this friday grandpaw ron's girl, taylor turned ten and although this is a couple days late mr. bernie and i and our fat cat, shopper wish to her a happy birthday.
i am sure that amazing grace man, ron made her a nice cake[not!] but just in case we have ordered little ten year old, taylor a fresh one from google.
now taylor is a great baker in her own right but she can't bake her own birthday cake!for sure and she can't!

these are taylor's brothers, cole[john 3:16 boy], noah, and her sister brittani, and i know that they are wishing little sis a happy birthday too!

taylor if you watch the comments, mr. jim will be singing you a great birthday song.
i am really sorry that adi and amber and katrina didn't make it over to canada for a photo shoot of your birthday but that grandpaw, of yours who was the little birdie that told me about your special day gave me too short of a notice!.....always got his nose in a book, he has....a facebook!!!!

i hope that you like these sunday school choruses sweet taylor.
one thing that your grandpaw believes in and prays for is that you four children will trust the lord in your tender years!...that is our prayer mr. bernie, miss terry and a fat old canadian cat! XXXXXX

Thanks Felisol

James 5:16
Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

thank you dear felisol for your always open ears and your terry