Saturday, October 24, 2009

To Jada Gigi

hi jada gigi... remember when bernie and i and the little red car took a trip to port colborne to snap some pictures of the snow for you?
well, today we took a trip to st catharines to show you that of course we have more than a golden coloured autumn...there are lots of reds and browns and greens and oranges too!
this post is dedicated to you.
just imagine cheryl "tree house lady"...what beautiful forts you could build for your grand kids in THESE trees...hahahaha! terry

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Gold Has Arrived!

almost overnight, it seems the leaves turned from green to gold.a few nights of very cool air seemed to have done the on our front lawn amongst the golden leaves fallen from out birch tree, mrs. squirrel is gathering winter supplies for her family.

we on the other hand decided to take a drive out to the country to gather our own gold, in the shape of some autumn photos .these dainty row of trees along the blue water looked so pretty.

i am not really sure what the name of this old building is....betty would know..but i liked the bits of gold around it.

this is betty's husband, john walking on a carpet of new fallen leaves.

silver waters and golden leaves! what other riches do we really need?

this memorial plaque is surrounded by autumn colours.

the red mill house surrounded by water and golden trees.

water flowing in the valley and golden trees growing from the rocks.

this miniature round pine tree is wearing golden jewelry in her hair!

autumn splendour!

the glitter of gold reflecting in nature's giant mirror.

a golden trail along a country road.

reflection of beauty in still blue waters.

this little yellow "weed" seems to not have given up with the idea that indian summer will soon be coming!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Song For Dimple

today as i read a post that dimple had written on her bible blog, my heart burst with joy at the bible story she told of the sick man that four friends had carried to jesus and who put him down through the roof right to the lord's feet and the lord not only healed him, he forgave all of his sins.
now i love you tube and i have waited so long for my favourite southern gospel group, "greater vision" to put this song written by rodney griffen, one of the groups beloved hymn writer.
you just have to listen to the words!
i thank my new friend dimple for such an inspiring post!

god bless you dimple and keep up the good word! terry

Monday, October 19, 2009

Ruby Red Bushes And Ruby Red Leafed Houses

go and see mary t, our teach and look what she has created!

autumn red is finally starting to glimmer through the greens and golden leaves. little bushes are changing their summer greens to ruby red autumn garments.
this particular one was on our own street and i just didn't have the nerve to be taking a closer photo.
as it was, bernie and the little red car pretended they didn't know me as i sneakily snapped this picture as we drove by.

now this pretty little house sporting a new red tinned roof was easier to snap a picture of because it was many blocks away. the ruby red bush was just an added incentive for me to do just that!

oh boy, i just KNEW that when i spotted this little house that was clothed in leaves just turning red, that the little red car would be very interested, and so it was!

i mean....look at the guy trying to hog most of the photo area as i got out of the car to take this picture....for sure and the little red car knew me now but bernie, not liking my boldness still pretended he didn't know me!

well eat your heart out bernie!...i got even closer to this little beauty and got an even better picture!