Saturday, June 19, 2010

Greetings To A Manitoba Gardening Friend

last evening i went to visit my blogger friend, Deborah of to my shame, it has been a long while that i have gone for a visit, and she has some really nice hymns over there!
now usually i put a hymn in every lords day but i thought because it is fathers day tomorrow, i must make a post for dad golden...
and make up for it i am putting deborah's two hymn buttons on my side bar.
visit her and sing along with her beautfiul music! terry

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Sunday School Picnic

i am sorry that this post is so long but this saturday we had our sunday school picnic and it was really hard to choose from the over two hundred pictures that i took!

here is grampa yade, just waiting to cook up dozens and dozens of sausages.
grampa yade qualified for a ruby tuesday picture.
just look at the red stripes running up and down his sleeves!

joe is the hot dog man and HE is going to be cooking dozens and dozens of WIENERS!
alas!.no red stripes running up and down HIS sleeves but thankfully there is walter wearing a red shirt and the reflection of walter and that same red shirt is on the car door

walter deserves a proper picture for saving the day and so here he is standing beside his uncle.

the ladies have prepared a lovely picnic lunch.

friends are greeting friends !

there is an abundant supply of hugs and smiles!!


an abundant supply of ruby red desserts!

oh! tiny lemon tarts smothered in whipped cream and luscious red strawberries!

aw!..for sure and it MUST be stawberry season but i really think that the blue berries came from our friendly nieghbours, the united states!

sweet water melon from doug and leona!
SEEDLESS! spitting seeds by the children, athough i think that there would be a few adults that would be found guilty playing that game ..ha!

it looks like someone has been into the cupcakes!
little red sprinkles cover the fluffy pink icing.

our spanish sisters have made this lovely fruit salad.
they are famous for these.

i couldn't resist taking this photo of two little spanish girls,both of them sporting pieces of ruby red on their sweaters

this little princess is really enjoying a slice of melon.

and this little lassie prefers the lemon tarts.
it looks like she is saving the best for the last..the strawberries!

this happy couple are the parents of my kids...
ha! the little red car and i pick up their four children every sunday for sunday school.

here is our little hockey player and he knows that coca cola is the "real thing"!

bernie thinks so too but "don't you dare give me any of that diet stuff!".

this lovely lady in the red sweater is a grandmother to four children.
her three children were all in my sunday school class years ago.
i feel very old!

this baby loves to mess around with his food!
this little guy has one sister and two brothers. his mama was also in my sunday school class...years and years ago! i feel very, very old!

now i sort of took advantage of the red sweater in the background because, i wanted to show off these two handsome two nephews, cousins, jordan and chase who are gracey's grandchildren..their moms were BOTH in my sunday school class too..years and years and years ago! yes! you guessed it!.. i feel very, very, VERY old!

here is leona..she has always had a great love for little children and they feel the same for her.
leona is helping these two little girls make candy sticks.

this is the little family of the visiting young preacher who told a story from the bible to the children.

oh! this looks like such a delicious candy stick.

time for piñatería!
the little ones got to punch at a blue hippo that was just full of candy.
i am a bad one for critizing..i don't think that an animal, even a unliving fake animal should be used for a punching bag.
i guess it is the same thing that mom golden didn't believe in our playing with toy guns.

for sure and when the older children had their turn at piñatería, it is just as well that the little red car was parked far far away..hahaha
look at THIS flattened little red car!

here is the preacher and his family.

here is our very own spanish artist, marina painting tiny pictures on the children's arms and faces.

this good little boy is standing so still as she paints his tiny hand.

and THEN she paints her own hand...a little girl and a turtle and the names of her own children, sofia and fernando.

well the day is dying down but there are still things to discover.
these two have found some little red plastic balls!

hmmm..this little red shirted laddie is running with a yellow ball!

ha! gone fishing for pink fish!

a game of catch..using a water balloon.

one last treat..this little pretty is eating a freezie.

over for another year, here is marina and her family.
now everyone is waiting for vacation bible school to start at the end of july but in between times they will surely be meeting every week at sunday school.

happy ruby tuesday to you all and god bless you terry