Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Man In The Green Night Gown Comes Home

Dad is finally home after spending four days in the hospital.
I think that it is about time that I posted some pictures of his stay.
This first picture is taken in the ER, where Betty and I had brought him Monday morning.
After finding out that he had not had a heart attack, he wanted to sit and have a cup of tea.
"Terry, have you got your camera?"
"Ha!! Dad you know that I NEVER leave home without it!"
"Well, take a picture of your dear old dad in the hospital."

Dad and his oldest daughter, Betty.

It was lunch time and Betty had gone to the cafeteria to get Dad a bowl of soup.

The Canadian blogger with her dear old Dad..My just look at the frown on his face!

Might of had something to do with the news that he was going to be admitted!

Day two..Three generations. Grampa with his fifth child, Sandra and her son Darrell.

They had come down from Toronto to see him.
Grampa Golden and his favorite grandchild.

All 26 grandchildren are his favorite.
Day three...Sandra and I keeping guard on dear old Dad, who was wanting to escape in the worst way!
Day four.. When Sandra and I arrived to see my dad, he was up and dressed and ready to go!

The nurse told us, "He has been dressed since 7am!"

Well after a long four hours, the papers were finally all filled out and it was time for Dad to go home.

I must say that this was four of the longest hours that my sister and I had spent in a long time!

We had to convince Dad several times that it would be a wrong thing to sign himself out, because the doctor would be giving him the medication that he would have to take home with him.

"Dad, you want to get better. You don't want to end back in here again!"

"No I DON'T!!!"

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dad Golden's First Day In The Hospital

Starting the day without a phone call from my dad was certainly different.
Instead, I phoned the hospital, to inquire how my dad had spent the night.
The nurse told me that he had spent the night just fine, so I felt a little relief.
In the afternoon, I DID receive a call from Dad.
He was all frustrated and complaining.."NO ONE has been here and didn't we care?
They have rolled me here and rolled me there and left me sitting for a whole hour in the hallway, by myself, waiting for a cat scan.
I can't take anymore of this!!"
I had to explain to him that because he wasn't in ER anymore and because he had been admitted, we were not allowed to come until 2pm at visiting hours.
Bernie and I left the house together, shortly after two, Bernie to work the evening shift and I to go to the hospital.
It was not a pretty sight when I walked into Dad's room!
"I want to get out of here!"
"Dad, we have to wait for the doctor to make that decision."
"I can't eat anything, I can't DRINK anything..What can I do?"
"Dad, I will go and buy you an egg salad sandwich.How would you like that?"
"I CAN"T eat anything!"
"Well let's try it", I said.
"Get me some Fisherman cough candies.
They will clear out my throat!"
"OK Dad."
And so it went on for three hours until Betty came in, after helping Mom out for the day.
I must tell you that even though Dad had gone through several tests yesterday, the doctor still wants to keep him in the hospital for a few days[which I didn't tell Dad].
The cat scan has shown that he might be experiencing small strokes.
His blood pressure is fine but his temperature is high because he has an urinary infection, and his kidneys are acting up, so the doctor just wants to cover all bases and give my dad some more tests before he lets him go home.
After all, I am sure the doctor realizes how difficult it was for us to get Dad in there in the first place!
I am so thankful for all or your prayers ,not only my dad but for the family.
I think that we are going to have some difficult days ahead!
I will keep you informed...Love Terry

PS Dad DID gobble up the egg salad sandwich and THEN he started wondering when supper was coming!
"I WON'T be able to eat anything though!"

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Please Pray For Dad Golden

Yesterday was a full day for Betty and I.
At 7 am my dad called, as he does every morning.
When I asked if he was feeling better, he told me that he was still having heart burn.
He has been having it for the last few weeks but has been refusing to go to the doctor.
When I offered to take him right away to the Emergency, he as usual, said "No.
"Dad", I said, "that is what Betty had[heartburn] and it ended up with her having a heart attack.
It is really important that you go the Emergency!"
"No. I will be alright. I love you." and then he hung up;
Not five minutes after my phoning Grampa Yade to pray for him, Dad phoned and told me that maybe I SHOULD pick him up and take him.
I phoned Betty, picked her up first, and then Dad and off to the hospital we went.
After they had checked Dad's heart, they said that it was not a heart attack, but he would have to take several blood tests and there would be at least an eight hour stay.
Of course Dad was not too happy about that, but with Betty and I sitting there guarding him, he had no way of escape.
The heart doctor that came in shortly after told us that Dad would have to be admitted into the hospital because he will be having to take a cat scan and several other tests.
I would, my dear friends, appreciate your prayers for my dad.
You have always been there for us..Thank you so much.... Love Terry

Sunday, May 06, 2007

It Is Sioux Sue's 30th Anniversary!!

Just a quick post to wish Sioux and Raf her husband of 30 years a very Happy Anniversary!

I have put the loving couple into one of Saija's beautiful Manitoba sunrises!

Sorry Sioux that Turtle, Jake and Gus can't join in the celebrations with you. They will be home in a couple of weeks so save them some cake!!....Love Bernie and Terry