Saturday, April 10, 2010

Come Unto Me

we are having special gospel meetings for the next few weeks and our prayer is that those who are looking for peace and rest in their lives and the gift of eternal life will find it!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Birthday Greetings To My "Big" Sister Betty Jane

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Dad golden phoned this morning at seven and told me, "it is betty's birthday today!
your mom and i were married july 26 1947 and nine months later i had TWO little girls!
your mom and betty!"
haha. he didn't have to remind ME!
every year for four months betty is TWO years older than i am and for those four months i never let her forget it!
when gary was born he was 0 years old, teddy was 1 year old, i was 2 years old and betty was 4!!
anyways betty, bernie and i want to wish you a happy birthday. rachel and matthew took bernie and i and the little red car for your birthday celebration but alas! you weren't there because you were at school and john wasn't there because he had to stay home and wait for a delivery man!
i will continue this post later and add some pictures of you bett, but now i have to take a nap!!..hahahaha!................

in the mean time babsy dear, here is a song you bernie and terry