Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lord's Day Morning Hymn

1. Praise the Lord, and leave to-morrow
In thy loving Father’s hands;
Burden not thyself with sorrow,
For secure the promise stands.
[: He is faithful! :]
Leave thy troubles in His hands.

2. Trust to-day, and leave to-morrow,
Each day has enough of care;
Therefore, whatso’er thy burden,
God will give thee strength to bear.
[: He is faithful! :]
Cast on Him thine every care.

3. Pray to-day, and let to-morrow,
Bring with it whate’er it may;
Hear thy loving Father promise
Strength according to thy day.
[: He is faithful! :]
Trust Him therefore, come what may.

4. Watch to-day, and leave to-morrow,
For to-morrow may not come;
Ever to-day thy loving Saviour
May appear to take thee home.
:He is faithful! :
Look for Him, the coming One.

5. Work to-day, and leave to-morrow;
All around there’s urgent need;
All around there’s sin and sorrow;
Broadcast, daily sow thy seed.
[: God is faithful! :]
He shall bless thy work indeed.

6. This by trusting, watching, praying,
Each day, as our time rolls on,
We shall find the promised blessing,
Daily strength till Jesus come.
[: He is faithful! :]
He will come to take us home.

have a blessed lord's day terry

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Birthday Girl
mary the teach ruby tuesday meme.
come and join the fun!

dear the little red car took us to the doctor's office where bernie had an appointment.
on our way out i asked bernie if we could see if the roses were still blooming at the side of the building.
seeing as it is your birthday, i just thought that maybe i could pick one for you, and here is a beauty that i found.
you can see the snow on the petals.

and here is a birthday card for you where i stuck in the rose!

alas,as i looked at these dear roses that were withering away save for a few hardy ones, i thought of the rose bush at your mothers where you have a full tree that is bearing so many sweet family roses and so i have put this picture in for you and i have added this song....

Roses Will Bloom Again

"I planted a little rose bush,
I tended it with care,
It’s buds began to blossom
Their fragrance filled the air
But when winter came it withered,
The petals drooped and fell to the ground,
My heart sank as it faded,
But I’d forgotten who had made it.

Roses will bloom again,
Just wait and see
Don’t mourn what might have been
Only God knows how and when that
Roses will bloom again

this is your living rose bush felisol and the rose in the upper right hand corner, your dad ljung and serina's grampa ljung is in the garden where the roses ne'er will fade!
happy happy birthday my bestest friend and happy ruby tuesday! bernie and terry and the fat cat..XXXXXX..meowXX

Sunday, December 06, 2009

When He Was On The Cross I Was On His Mind

when i visited david c brown's web site "grace notes" this evening, the words of his post touched my heart so much

david says,
"God loves me because
Of what He is, and because
Of what He’s made me."

i thought of this song of god's great love to undeserving us and so i am putting it in here.

david, i am happy that i ever did see you at amrita's and found your blog!
may the lord bless you and your whole family!.....

god bless you all and have a blessed terry