Saturday, September 12, 2009

For Aunt Marion

i know it is a little late at night but i can't seem to stop thinking of my dear aunt marion.
i have looked up a few older posts that i made and thought that you would be interested in seeing what a truly brave person she was.
she has always had trouble seeing but for the last few months, she went totally blind and for the last two months of her life, she could no longer walk and yet when mom golden and i visited her, she rarely complained and we always came away from that visit, feeling glad that we had gone.
quite often we would listen with her to her cd's which her children had got her and we would hear stories of the pictures on the wall.
like mom golden has, so did aunt marion.
surrounding her on every side were tons of pictures of her children, grand children and great grand children..
she will be soooo missed!

update 9:oo am saturday...aunt marion left this earth to be with jesus in heaven....just a few hours ago.....our loss but heaven's gain.

this post is dedicated to my aunt marion who is very ill in the hospital.
she told me a few weeks ago that she heard this song and loved it.
i never got the chance to tape it for her or copy down the words to it and for this i feel so bad

mom golden and her sister aunt marion horton....june 2 2009

please pray for terry

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Flowing Fountain On A Sunny Ruby Tuesday

Mary the teach!

on our way home today after taking mom golden to the blood clinic, bernie and i spotted a fire hydrant just gushing out clear water.
we turned the little red car around, so we could snap a few pictures.

oh that fountain of was sure cleaning up the sidewalks and the side of the road!

it went around and around..

until all of a sudden it was aimed at these men who surely did need a good cleaning!

it reminded bernie and me of this verse..

and THIS song

god bless you this lovely sunny ruby terry