Friday, February 02, 2007

Carved In Snow

This last week when we finally got the snow storm that Mrs. Mac has been wishing on us for the last two months, I thought I had better go out and make that snow ball that I have been promising her.
THE snowball that I have been planning to throw at her!
No such luck though.
The snow was dry and fluffy, and way too dry.
It was just the same texture as the snow that used to fall in my beloved Manitoba.
It was a rare snowball or snowman that we could make THERE!
Well with a forgiving spirit, I decided that what I would do for Mrs. Mac was to carve her name on the snow laden back yard of the palace and here in the first picture, you can see it.
One thing about being at my client's place, there are no neighbors... Nobody around to see a crazy white haired lady playing in the snow!
Playing in the snow with no boots on!
Only the squirrels, chipmunks and birds could see and they are quite used to me by now!
Besides I had told them ahead of time, that if they let out the secret, there would be NO MORE seeds, and peanuts for THEM!!
So Mrs. Mac, you can stop singing that song that you love so much, "Let It Snow, Let it Snow"!!
Your wish has been granted.

Tomorrow morning when I go to the palace, I am going to bring the pillow that my good Kentucky friend, Morgan Denise[Splash of Color] sent to me last year, a pillow that says, "Let it Melt"!!

I have added some other photos that I took and really even though it is very cold now, winter does make a lovely scene.
These pictures are what as Saija[Through a Glass Darkly] would say have surely been painted by God!

"Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?....Job 38:22

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Rest Of The Story

Mommy Amanda was in my Sunday school class when she was three years old.
That was about 25 years ago and now she is holding her second child.
She looks so happy!

Here sits Baby Daniel's big brother Chase. Uncle Eric is holding the sweet babe and Gramma Grace is waiting patiently for HER turn!

Uncle Justin is Gramma Grace's own baby boy and he is pleased to be holding the tiny laddie.
Uncle Justin made it home from visiting his girlfriend in Japan, just in time to meet his newest nephew.

Uncle Eric seems to have a monopoly on the child!
Never mind Uncle Eric!
Little Daniel will not be old enough to be your ring bearer when you get married come this September!

Oh dear! That poor baby!
Bernie makes the photographer sit down with Daniel so he can take a picture of her with her fourth great nephew.

Oh Great Uncle Bernie. I do believe that you have put the little one to sleep!

And now it is time to count Baby's fat "little" toes...

and his tiny fingers!!

All this excitement has made this little celebrity thirsty.
So now it is time for a coffee break!

Great Gramma Golden took Gramma Grace to Sunday School. Gramma Grace took her four children to Sunday School, and Mommy Amanda sends big brother Chase to Sunday School.
Here is hoping that if the Lord has not returned before Baby Daniel is three years old that he will be going to Sunday School too!

EVERYBODY ought to go to Sunday School!!

Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Four Generations

Baby Daniel, new born son of Marco and Amanda, born six days ago in Niagara Falls has finally made his debut visit to great Grampa and great Gramma Goldens'.
He was born in Niagara Falls six days ago.

Of course his new great auntie had to give him a photo shoot!
This first picture, is of the four generations;
Mommy Amanda beside Gramma Grace and baby Daniel on great Gramma Golden's lap.
Great Gramma Golden has held nine children,twenty-three grandchildren and four great grandchildren on her lap throughout the last 59 years.

To be continued...