Monday, January 29, 2007

Four Generations

Baby Daniel, new born son of Marco and Amanda, born six days ago in Niagara Falls has finally made his debut visit to great Grampa and great Gramma Goldens'.
He was born in Niagara Falls six days ago.

Of course his new great auntie had to give him a photo shoot!
This first picture, is of the four generations;
Mommy Amanda beside Gramma Grace and baby Daniel on great Gramma Golden's lap.
Great Gramma Golden has held nine children,twenty-three grandchildren and four great grandchildren on her lap throughout the last 59 years.

To be continued...


jel said...

Ilike the name Daniel!

Congrat! :)

Jammie J. said...

That there's a lot of children to have held! It doesn't look like she has plans to quit holding him anytime soon, either! :)

donna said...

Congratulations....and will be answering your email soon....thank you!

SiouxSue said...

How wonderful is that! 4 generations! We were able to get two photos of my mother before she died with all 7 of the great-grandchildren and the three granddaughters. Aren't families a blessing...even when they aren't sometimes! Hope you had a blessed weekend. We certainly did.

the night owl said...

Good Morning, It was a pleasure to read about your family.The snow pictures look awesome . You know my passion for babies, so I think baby Daniel is a cutie!!
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Have a great day. I am off to Curves.