Monday, May 31, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Singing For Amrita's Nephew, Abner

for this ruby tuesday, i had an all together different idea for my post but when i returned from sunday school and read a nice comment from my dear friend, amrita who lives in india, i just had to change my intentions.
this handsome little man is amrita's little nephew, abner and it seems he really loves sunday school choruses and so i am going to put some you tube in here, especially for the cute little guy.
how nice that he has decided to wear a red shirt!

this is the photo i meant to put in ruby tuesday, and i will just tell you quickly that this is four of the sunday school children singing, "the colouring book song", which is picked every of their favourites!
notice the sweet little lassie in her pretty yellow dress, holding in her hands the red crayon!

and alas!.the litle red car and bernie have to take the back burner too.
bernie cut his thumb on wednesday, a few days ago and he had to have eleven stiches, and he has been so getting out of a lot of work! he is, washing the little red car as best as he could, using a plant watering can!

and now here are the you tube songs sweet abner...just for you and anybody else who likes to hear the joyful singing of happy boys and girls! terry