Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Ruby Tuesday Disappointment

three months ago dad golden called me to come and see him as he had something important to tell me and so i went..."i want to give you the money you will need to fly to norway."..oh i was so surpised! see the whole golden family loves felisol and dad golden is her prayer child..."oh dad that would be so nice!!" you can see by these empty red chairs standing under felisol and gunnar's tree, the trip did not come about....and it was suppose to be TODAY!

bernie and i had been so looking forward to meeting our loved family on the far side of the sea...we wanted to see their slim beautiful silver birch trees in person...this is the picture that felisol took of them....the picture just one of several that i have swiped from her blog!

i think that these are "forget me nots" and they are so delicate and so pretty!
norway "forget me nots!"

we wanted to walk with felisol beside the sea...with bernie on one side and felisol and gunnar and serina on the other side, i am sure that i would lose my fear of the sea...i have always been afraid of huge bodies of water...i don't know why.

and oh the wonderfulness of it all if i could have only seen this flock of sheep and lambs...oh! oh! oh!!!

and the bight silver path that the sun has made along the sea shore.

at the end of this rugged path is the shadow of a touching!

i have always had a fascination of windows that look out into lawns and trees and flowers and i am sure that this would have been one of my favourite spots at felisols'.

ha!! bernie would have loved to meet gunnar's car!..maybe gunnar would have given him a ride in it..

we probably wouldn't have had enough time to go and see the house where felisol and her brother, kel were born but it would have been nice.

this picture of mom ljung's sweetheart and felisol and kel's dad and gunnar's father-in-law and serina's grampa is my favourite photo of he is sitting with his beloved granddaughter reading his most loved book, the precious he must be to the lord who he lives with now and how he waits for his faithful family...of course that family will see him again!

oh the treasure that felisol has in books!..i KNOW that i sure would have looked some of them over although time WOULD have been short!

and that kitty...i think i would have played him a little tune on the piano and i think i would have packed him away on friday and brought him to canada!!hahahaha!

maybe the family would have showed me their church...i don't know if they have their prayer meeting on a wednesday but that would be good.

mom ljung loves gunnar...

and serina loves her daddy!

felisol loves her merry-go-round horses...

and her brother, kel!

felisol loves the sea..

she is like a fish in water!...maybe i would have loved the sea too..who knows...when betty went to prince edward island, she spent most of her holiday swimming the ocean..she loved it! could two sisters be so different, eh?

well one thing i know for sure is that felisol sure has got her feet wet!

is gunnar saying hi?

is mom ljung saying welcome?

and is princess serina looking sad that we couldn't make the trip?...i really hope so!

this summer sky was photographed by gunnar and i must say, i have never seen any sky so stunning as this! have seen it in person must of been so great for felisol and gunnar and for them to have taken the time to get out of the car and snap a picture and share it with so many people was a kind thing!

gunnar wil never know how i love bon fires! has been so long that i have seen one..and alas, it will be another long time before i see another!

this must be the sun setting in the sky..

and so everyone will be sleeping in this lovely home on the far side of the sea!...............well, felisol, i have at least spent about three hours enjoying your blog and writing this post so all has not been lost!..if i never see you this side of life, i know that we shall all meet in the meantime god bless you and you have a happy ruby terry

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Never Unloved

never forsaken!....blessed lord's terry