Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thank You Friends! Thank You Lord!

I wanted to write to each person individually for all the prayers that you have offered up to God for my sister, Betty but I have to go to work shortly and will not be home until about 4 tomorrow, so instead I am sending you a picture of two people who want to thank you very, very much..Bernie and Terry!
We were taking pictures on Sunday as I mentioned in my last post and a young man offered to take a shot of US!
Of course two people can play at that game, so I took a few pictures of him and his little family group.
I will put them on my blog in a couple of days.
I got the man's email address and sent them over to him.

Well I must be going!!

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you.
Betty is just fine and she will need no operation!
Just a little bit of medicine...
She was sent back to Welland at 1 pm and now she is on her way to Rachel's to stay for a few days.
That Welland Hospital just out and out booted HER out!!!
They say they needed the bed for someone who is sick, not somebody that is in such good health as my sister..
Ha!! Little did they suspect that it was because of ALL the prayers that have been going up for Betty, and because of God's mercy that she IS well..

On Our Way To Hamilton With Betty

Today Rachel and I are on our way to Hamilton at last to be with Betty as she has her angiogram and anything else that she will need.
If all goes well, she should be home later on this evening.
I will let everybody know how things work out and I thank you all again for your prayers....Love Terry

These are a few pictures that we took this Sunday as we were walking along the Welland Canal.
I had quite a few more pictures but the blog kept acting up last night and I just couldn't get them all posted!
Susan I DO have some to send to you but I am running out of time so I will send them maybe tomorrow!!....I have to work a 19 hour shift later on today,

The last two pictures here are taken at our little house...