Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good Report For Dad Golden

Yesterday Dad Golden heard good news from his doctor in Hamilton.
The operation that he had a few months ago was a great success.
Dad Golden is not getting dizzy anymore and he is not getting cramps in his legs.
The operation on his neck for heart coronary disease was a complete success and as long as Dad Golden eats properly and gets proper exercise, he will continue in good health..
This is all God's doing, I am sure and He has heard all of your prayers for Dad Golden and I want to thank you all very much.
Dad Golden is also open to the gospel and he listens when we bring up the subject of eternity.
One of these days we will hear even better news that he has been gloriously saved!
Thank you all so very much.
Mom Golden is doing well also and she is very happy about her sweetheart of almost 61 years!

God's blessings on you all!........Love Terry