Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Good Report For Dad Golden

Yesterday Dad Golden heard good news from his doctor in Hamilton.
The operation that he had a few months ago was a great success.
Dad Golden is not getting dizzy anymore and he is not getting cramps in his legs.
The operation on his neck for heart coronary disease was a complete success and as long as Dad Golden eats properly and gets proper exercise, he will continue in good health..
This is all God's doing, I am sure and He has heard all of your prayers for Dad Golden and I want to thank you all very much.
Dad Golden is also open to the gospel and he listens when we bring up the subject of eternity.
One of these days we will hear even better news that he has been gloriously saved!
Thank you all so very much.
Mom Golden is doing well also and she is very happy about her sweetheart of almost 61 years!

God's blessings on you all!........Love Terry


ron said...

Morning Terry,Dad Golden, Mom Golden,

I know all of us feels the same things sometimes as old doubting Thomas did but I guess we are being shown how Great our God is ! I'm still praying for you Dad Golden and Mom Golden and Terry ! We all need to continue singing Gods Praises !


Mrs. Mac said...

Such a good praise report! Hoping you are having some nice spring weather too ...

Jim said...

Hi Terry. As I said in my post, there is a lot of R&R for me to do. So here I am. (I for sure will check on the commenters among the first, thanks for yours).

This is very good news for all of you, for Pop Golden the most I'm sure. I pray for all of you quite regularly.

I see you and your sister are doing the "Mirror, mirror, on the wall" thing still. There isn't any winning in that game, nobody wins and nobody loses. Why? Because that kind of magic doesn't work even one little bit. It is just something wishful to read about.

We enjoyed our Ireland visit and coming back via NYC. Everything was pleasant this time. Next week I plan to put up some more pictures, all I have are a few NYC ones right now.

Please behave yourself. I haven't figured out who it is that keeps you straight.

Saija said...



Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I'm a sucker for good news, especially from the ones I love.
Dad Golden had to wait a long time, first for his operation and then for the results.
So happy that it all went well.
Bet he praises the Lord in his heart.
Now we just wait for the big day when he swings his heart door wide open.

Jim is a man of many skills, but why hasn't he detected that it's your want for serving Jesus that's keeping you straight?
You're a rare pearl among women.

Take care of yourself as well.
Yours Felisol

Anonymous said...


donna said...

that one word comment was from me !!! hit the button too quickly!

Pat said...

What a great report!! Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Miss Terry,
This is really good news. Dad Golden is still a "Basket Case", probably the longest one so far!!! God take people out of the basket, but Mr. Golden has remained. Good to know his heart is softening to hear the truth and he is physically improved. God has a time and place. Be sensitive!
With the Joy of Jesus Inside,
Susan Adams

Amrita said...

So happy to hear about Dad Golden.Catching up on your postts. Due to electricity shortage and the heat I am not able to come online for a long time.

Maggie Ann said...

What good news!