Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Continued Birthday Greetings Little Sister

I will never forget the day that you were born Gail. We were all waiting anxiously at home for the news...Dad Golden, Betty[13],Terry[12],Teddy[10], Gary[9], Sandra[4] Gracey[2]. When the call came to Dad Golden that Mom Golden was bringing home ANOTHER girl, your big brother Edwardo got so mad!. "Mom was supposed to get a boy! It is not fair!" Of course we never knew that Mom didn't get the choice. We were far too young to know.. All that we knew was that whenever Mom Golden got a little chubby and she disappeared for a week that when she returned she would have a new bundle in her arms filled with a baby!
Betty of course, Gail, took right over. She was always the kind big sister and she would keep a watchful eye out for all of her younger brothers and sisters.
You had a thick thatch of dark hair Gail, just as had all the Golden babies when they were born.
As you grew older, everyone noticed how much you looked like your mother. I have put a few pictures of Mom Golden in here so that you can see the resemblance.
You have been a good daughter to Mom and Dad, Gail and a good sister to all of the kids.
Even though you live in New Market, many miles from home with your great husband Ross and your three precious boys, Curtis, Phillip and Daniel, you always find the time of day to phone Mom and Dad Golden at least twice during the day.
I went over to Mom's today and went through her photo albums and came up with these pictures. There are very few baby pictures of you because I never stole that camera from Mom and Dad until we moved out west. Therefore there are very few pictures of you as a baby!
I hope that you had a nice birthday.
I got your message on the phone wishing ME a Happy Birthday.
You and Gary never forget!
Take care and remember that Bernie and I love you.....: Love Bernie and Terry

PS...We are so happy that you know the Lord as your Saviour Gail!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Gail

Sandra, Gail, Mom Golden and Terry

Dear little sister Gail.
Today is your birthday but your big sister will have to continue this celebration tomorrow. She is way too tired!....Love Bernie and Terry

to be continued...