Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Children Are An Heritage Of The Lord

For the last six hours since I got home from work, I have been thinking of two of my blogging friends, Noel Lewis and Curious Servant.
Both of them wrote about their sons in their blog sites yesterday and both posting are pure gold!
To read about their devotion and love to their sons does a heart really good and it must make the Lord, who has entusted these souls to them so proud of these two gentlemen.

As you know, Bernie and I have no children and this was a heartache to us for a long time.
I HAVE had contact with children for many years though.
For a few years I used to teach piano to little children, but my main occupation with the little ones is picking them up for Sunday School every week.
For several years I had a Sunday School class of 3 to 5 year olds.

A few years back the Welland Christians had children's Bible meetings in a near by city and I used to pick up a whole car load of kids every week.
It was near Christmas time one week that I picked my kids up as usual and one little boy asked me, "Would you come to my Christmas Concert at my school this Friday? My mom and dad won't be going."
"Why sure," I said, "I will pick you and the other children up and we will all go together!"
I did pick him up that Friday and sat in the large auditorium with the rest of the "parents".
When the little guy came out with his class for their part in the concert, I saw him right away.
His little eyes were roving here and there looking over the audience and when they rested on me, I gave him a little wave and he give me a little smile.
My heart almost burst with happiness!
I thought to myself, "Don't his parents KNOW what they are missing?
What could of have been MORE important than being here with this precious little jewel of a child?"
After that concert , I never did see the lad again but the memory of that special night will remain in my heart forever!

As Noel Lewis said in his post about going to see his little boy's play...."Priceless!"
And the encouragement and good advice of Curious Servant to HIS teenage son, invloving his child's driving test, I would say that THAT is priceless too!

The two posts are well worth reading!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Boss

Because I will be going to the palace this evening and be away for 24 hours, I thought I would do this post.

At the top, you can see who rules the roost here....Bernie's cat, Shopping News..Shop for short but BOSS for sure.

Here is also a picture of Bernie sitting with his two best friends...His cat and his computer!!

I have sadly accepted this sad state of affairs.
I mean what is a person to do when there is so much against her?


Well King Shopping News and Prince Bernie...I will just keep all of my special blogging friends and if you two want to come along for the ride, it will have to be your OWN choice!

Your faithful subject, Teresa Anne Shirkie,this 9th day of January 2007

Monday, January 08, 2007

Looks Can Be Deceiving

It was a balmy spring like day on Saturday and the silvery waters in Lake Ontario were beckoning to this lone seagull.
"Come on in for a swim!"

"Oh and for sure," the gull said to himself, "I would surely enjoy that!"

He put his big toe into the moving water.

He waded in a few inches.
But wait! Wasn't that his shoulders shivering?

To this seagull's horror,the waters were freezing and he quickly retreated to dry land, saying to himself as he hurried out, "Swimming is for the birds! I'm outta' here!"