Monday, January 08, 2007

Looks Can Be Deceiving

It was a balmy spring like day on Saturday and the silvery waters in Lake Ontario were beckoning to this lone seagull.
"Come on in for a swim!"

"Oh and for sure," the gull said to himself, "I would surely enjoy that!"

He put his big toe into the moving water.

He waded in a few inches.
But wait! Wasn't that his shoulders shivering?

To this seagull's horror,the waters were freezing and he quickly retreated to dry land, saying to himself as he hurried out, "Swimming is for the birds! I'm outta' here!"


Goldwings said...

Very well put!!!! Thanks for the smile.

jel said...


curious servant said...

Perhaps you meant:
"Swimming is for the fish!"

Saija said...

isn't that something? with the weather i mean ...
the prairies have found their cold temps again ... it was -23C this a.m. and didn't get all that warm during the day ... brrrrrr

susanwalkergirl said...

Very cute story! Who would ever think a picture of a lone seagull on the shore would be quite so beautiful...but indeed it is.

Thanks Miss Terry...hope you are well.

It's warm and windy here in Southern California. The Santa Ana's are blowing...and we just pray that there will be no fires.

SiouxSue said...

Love your photos.

Jammie J. said...

*tee hee* That seagull was like me the other weekend at the community pool. Except I'll bet that ocean is colder than 58°. Brrr!

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Hi Terry, This is a bird after my own heart : ) I can be such a baby with the cold... Good to know there are other waterbirds out there that are too!

Blessed New Year : ) Wendy

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Hahahaha.. your post has just brightened up my day.

Brr... i can imagine the cold that the sea gull must've felt.

Terry said...

Goldwings..I DID think it was funny...Poor little guy though.

Jel..I am really computer illiterate..I don't know what:] means!

Now Curious Servant..I am ONLY reporting what the seagull told me. Actually he was hoping not only to swim but I think he had his eye on a nice lunch too. Seagulls LOVE fish.

Saija..The days are getting COLDER here in Southern Ontario. It was 40F here today. Brrr....

Susan, my kindred spirit..Actually a lone seagull along the shore is a bad sign. Miss Katy told me that when a gull is alone like that, that it means for the most part that the bird is not feeling well.I DID throw the poor little guy some bread crusts.

Sioux..Yes nice camera pictures but they don't come CLOSE to the pictures that you put on your site! Pictures that you, yourself have drawn and painted! I visit everyday to see the latest ones!
Especially the kitty ones!

Jeanette..The ONLY difference between this lake and your community swimming pool is the water. The waters in the lake are not as agitated as the water in your pool! hee..hee..There are no tug boats puttering around in the winter season, like there are in your community pool.

Wendy..Your little water bird doesn't seem to mind the rain drops at all. Then again, maybe she was sitting on the tree branch and enjoying a little sun shower!

Hey Dragonfly Wings..I was just about to visit you after I had written this comment and here you flutter right in!
I am glad that this story brightened your day. Yes that seagull WAS cold. He should have never listened to those beckoning waves.
He should of kept his feet on the dry ground!

Thanks for all the comments...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Terry!!! You're so creative! The pictures are really nice, and the words just fit. :) Really funny!!


Terry said...

Thank you Morgan Denise!! That seagull had a little spring fever I am thinking!

Thanks a million Noel Lewis..You are worth your weight in gold!!!...Love Terry

jel said...

Terry :) ;0> are me smile!

Sabine said...

LOL! You're so funny!

donna said... need to ask..i am honored..thank you!


Anonymous said...

All our snow has melted (except for up at the new home (backyard). You're safe for a while Miss Terry.

Mrs. Mac

Jessica said...

OH HAHAHAHA! I just LOVED that story! I laughed out loud here at my little computer desk in the kitchen! My favorite part was "swimming is for the birds"! That was just too funny! Thanks for the laugh! The tale went right with the pictures! Very creative!