Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Children Are An Heritage Of The Lord

For the last six hours since I got home from work, I have been thinking of two of my blogging friends, Noel Lewis and Curious Servant.
Both of them wrote about their sons in their blog sites yesterday and both posting are pure gold!
To read about their devotion and love to their sons does a heart really good and it must make the Lord, who has entusted these souls to them so proud of these two gentlemen.

As you know, Bernie and I have no children and this was a heartache to us for a long time.
I HAVE had contact with children for many years though.
For a few years I used to teach piano to little children, but my main occupation with the little ones is picking them up for Sunday School every week.
For several years I had a Sunday School class of 3 to 5 year olds.

A few years back the Welland Christians had children's Bible meetings in a near by city and I used to pick up a whole car load of kids every week.
It was near Christmas time one week that I picked my kids up as usual and one little boy asked me, "Would you come to my Christmas Concert at my school this Friday? My mom and dad won't be going."
"Why sure," I said, "I will pick you and the other children up and we will all go together!"
I did pick him up that Friday and sat in the large auditorium with the rest of the "parents".
When the little guy came out with his class for their part in the concert, I saw him right away.
His little eyes were roving here and there looking over the audience and when they rested on me, I gave him a little wave and he give me a little smile.
My heart almost burst with happiness!
I thought to myself, "Don't his parents KNOW what they are missing?
What could of have been MORE important than being here with this precious little jewel of a child?"
After that concert , I never did see the lad again but the memory of that special night will remain in my heart forever!

As Noel Lewis said in his post about going to see his little boy's play...."Priceless!"
And the encouragement and good advice of Curious Servant to HIS teenage son, invloving his child's driving test, I would say that THAT is priceless too!

The two posts are well worth reading!!


jel said...

Terry, you are a special angel,

thank you for this post,

I haven't read Noel's post let, but I have read CS's post and it is worth a read!

have a great day!


Jim said...

That is precious about your being there for the child whose parents couldn't com.
Young parents sometimes just don't have time to smell their kids (stop to smell the roses).
I've been there and done that, both. Karen is twelve years younger than the next older.
I got so much more involved with her life and activities than I did those older kids.
Probably really older ones and grandparents pressed into parential duties miss out on a lot too.

Thanks for coming over again. I'll put another post below this one that you can delete after reading it if you want.
It will be about blogs.

Jim said...

Back again. Your comment about Adi, our 'little' hound dog.
She was Karen's dog but couldn't live with Karen after her divorce. Now she is remarried and can be there but since I've had her for about 8 1/2 of her ten years we all know she will be staying with me.

If you do a "Search this blog" and type in "Adi" you will find my posts about her. This morning 166 different blogs at least mentioned her. There are links that come up to every one.

Once before I had looked over your Manitoba Roots blog. That is interesting and a little sad isn't it.
I have some similar posts, "Where I was born - - - Out in Nebraska."
You can check archives for August 06, 2006l and three of them will show up.
I also moved a post about Mom's cat place that archive as well, just below the first episode of "Where I was born."
Not that you have to read all of them, but my roots are somewhat similar to yours I think.

I probably should have a separate blog like yours but I have so many other splinter blogs right now.
My kids all like them. Missing is the chicken house their grandpa (Dad) converted into an office. They used to sleep out there when visiting.

Mrs. Mac said...

Ahh, what a heatwarming story. If you lived a bit closer, you could come and get my little gift once in a while. Blessings to you.

Terry said...

Special angel, nothin' Jel..YOU are everybody's sunshine!

Yes I really felf special that night Jim when I went to that concert.

You know that little doggie of yours, Jim, I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl but one thing I know, I am going to check out Adi's posts!

Mrs. Mac, it is so tempting! I would go and see that Little Gift anytime, even if you had lots of snow!!

susanwalkergirl said...

Dearest Terry,

What a special, open heart you have dear one.

Thank you for being open, vulnerable and transparent. Terry...there are people in life I call "safe people". They are the ones that are safe to share your hurts and pain with. They know what it is to hurt...and seek to be that caring voice or presence in the lives of others. I'm sure your presence for that little boy...impacted him more than you will know this side of heaven.

Thank you dear one. Susan

curious servant said...

Thank you for the kind words.

I'm glad to have been reading Noel's stuff as well.

I see you have added my link to your page. My, that is sweet of you.

I'll return the kindness.

Terry said...

My Kindred spirit, Susan..You are way too kind to me. You just see me on paper!!
I have really been enjoying you blog!!

Curious Servant... I have to tell you. It is all of Noel's doing. I just give him the names and addresses and HE does all the work AFTER he comes home from a long day of work!
Wendy asked me once if he was a computer whiz and I have to say that he is!!

Only a few more to go if you are out there Noel Lewis.. almost finished! Thank you so much!....from Terry

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Hi Terry,

It's great what you did for those children.

My parents divorced almost 20 years ago and believe me, it wasn't easy shuttling between them.

Still, i'm glad God sent many "spiritual Dads/Mums" throughout all these years to encourage me. Not that my own parents didn't care, but these people helped fill in the gaps when i felt lost in between.

So, bless you Terry for having a mother's heart. Am sure you have impacted those childrens' lives more than you know.


SiouxSue said...

What a glorious witness you are to children by showing them such interest. That they know there are adults who, unlike some of their parents, really seem to care. Bless you for that.

As to Carolyn's helper, it's a Lady Galahad...not a Sir. Thank God for her. She is a Christian, as well.

Noel Lewis said...

Thank you Terry for this post. Your warm heart and kind words are a beacon for someone like me to look towards. I'm more than happy to do anything for you.

donna said...


I have not visited Noel...(at least I dont think I have)but I shall...I am finding so many new people/bloggers each day.

Will has been a God-send to me, a true disciple of our Lord; eveidence of all He can accomplish in us...I am blessed by his ministry

you are an angel indeed...and glad I found you...thanks for linking to me....I must update my blog with new friends.

Have a blessed weekend..


SiouxSue said...

Terry, thank you for all your love and care...especially for your prayers. So far, it's not up as high as it was but not down low enough, so I am still taking the rescue med...I've had 2 today...4 yesterday, but it seems to be helping.

Thank you so much, again, for the prayers.

Jim said...

Thank you Terry, for putting me on your Blogroll.
Thank you too, Noel.
I will reciprocate this weekend. This morning we are headed off for Corpus Christi, Texas. We will be checking on our friend who is in the nursing home there and is on Hospice.
We have power of attorney for her health matters as she has NO family, has never been married, and her only relatives that she doesn't know are around the Long Island, NY, area.
It will be an all day trip.
I will be returning, thanks again.

Maggie Ann said...

What a sweet thing for you to do. Just like our Lord would want.

Jammie J. said...

I'm glad you could be there for that little boy. Children are so precious and they change in the blink of an eye. I would imagine it would be hard for a parent to not stare at their kids 24 hours a day. I would suppose that since his parents weren't able to attend, if they knew you'd gone in their stead, they would have been appreciative.

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Hello Terry, I hadnt realized you had no children, that is something we share. There's kind of an ache at not having a child, but the reality is that at 40 now it may not ever happen. And so honestly its very encouraging to me that you have still led such a deep and purposeful life, it gives me real hope : )

Blessed Week : ) Wendy

Anonymous said...

How sweet of you to go to the concert with your little friend! I bet he hasn't forgotten it!!


Jessica said...

Aw that was very thoughtful and sweet of you to go to that little boy's concert! I'm sure it meant the world to him!
I wouldn't give anything for our precious little boy and I know I'd definetly appreciate someone like you going with him somewhere if I couldn't make it!
You're very special Terry!
Love from all of us in the little white house!