Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad Golden

today is dad golden's birthday and as usual dad golden was greeted a happy birthday the very first one by felisol from the far side of the sea.
you see dad golden has been her prayer child for about four years now.
i, myself did not say "happy birthday dad" until seven this morning when he called bernie and me as he does EVERY morning.
the reason i waited until this morning to post is because i waited for the newspaper to come with dad golden's happy ad..
with him in this picture is his middle child sandra lee golden.

this was around the time that dad and mom golden had moved to trenton ontario as dad golden had joined the air force.
although gail hadn't made her appearance yet, she surely is in this picture!
mom golden's dad is standing beside his oldest daughter, edna kathleen!

for sure and that sandra lee is the spoiled one...hogging dad golden all to herself!
little gracey, the baby is being held by mom's baby sister, aunt barb.
grampa wells and aunt barb were visiting from dunnville.[sonny sikora's present home town].

grampa wells is surrounded by six lively golden grandchildren...betty jane, teresa anne, teddy ralph edward, gary micheal ross, sandra lee and grace marion...

grampa wells and his two eldest grand children...dig those!

oh! here is little gail susan now in the picture!
born in trenton for sure but soon to be heading out west to a beloved new province, manitoba.
i will never forget the day she was born and neither will teddy or dad golden.
when we got the happy news that mom golden had had a baby girl, well that teddy threw a tantrum...was he mad!. he said, "mom was SUPPOSED to bring home a boy!"

this is teddy sitting in the front room of our tiny base home.
i mean, i really don't know where mom and dad stuffed all the of them into a three bedroom house!

these two, teddy and gary were partners in crime!
just look at their mischievous faces!
oh that mom golden was such a spotless housewife..that trait was NOT passed on to her second daughter...alas!

here mom golden is tying gary's shoe laces.
this was on an evening that we were all going to the sunday school christmas program.
have you ever heard of the wood shed where in the olden days naughty children were taken out to?
well in our tiny house, the bathroom was mom golden's "wood shed"!
many the meetings i had with her there!...hurt, pain and agony but it never hurt me one bit in the long run!

sandra panda ruled the house. we all spoiled her rotten especially that betty jane!

good thing in those days there were no cell phones!
sandra would have talked mom and dad golden into the poor house!

here is betty, me, teddy and the panda.
i loved dolls so much but alas! i have no real ones! betty has five children, teddy has four and sandra panda has one...
the one particular doll that i have here was scalloped by that bad boy, gary!

dad golden took this picture of mom golden while she was wrapping christmas gifts.
that mom golden has always been thin except for nine times!

here was the sunday school program that the golden children attended so many years ago...i am saying my piece here..the little boy standing beside me was the same age as i was . i have ALWAYS been the biggest kid in the room!

now when dad golden and the family was transferred out west, along came this little fellow, david brian golden...he is in heaven now and dad golden thinks about him so much and wishes he could see him again.
our family is waiting for the time that dad golden will choose the lord jesus and eternal life
i rarely preach to dad golden but when he said this one time, i said, "dad the only way that you will ever see david again is if you get saved..then you will see him in heaven," it is where you will see him!"
karen dianne is the baby of the family and the apple of her dad's eye.
karen was born in rivers mantioba...she has a daughter of her own now, and so dad golden's family is a lot bigger than the newspaper picture of him when he was just 34years old!
hmmm... how did dad and mom golden EVER stuff nine kids into a four bedroom house..oh yeh! and dad golden made the dining room into their bedroom!!ha!

happy birthday dad...we will always appreciate that you are a dad! bernie and terry

Monday, November 08, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Outfits

on the last week we spent in my beloved manitoba in brandon, bernie and i stopped by a senior home to visit this little lady.
three weeks earlier we had met her son at the turtle crossing campsite and when we got to talking, he told us all about his mom who had to leave her own home because she had come down with alzheimer's....well i have always had a love for elderly people, so i got the little lady's address and told the son we would go and visit her on our return from calgary...
she was the sweetest little thing and agreed when i asked her if bernie could take her picture.."oh yes" she said "but i want YOU to be in the picture too!"
when i looked at this photo of this happy lady, i thought of this verse,
Isaiah 46:4
"And even to your old age I am he; and even to hoar hairs will I carry you: I have made, and I will bear; even I will carry, and will deliver you."

when i visited the teach's blog and saw the picture that she had posted of a really beautiful french girl wearing the right colour for a ruby tuesday, i decided to put this picture in here...i guess we both have different shades of red on and the curtain is splashed with pink, i guess this will do for my ruby tuesday post!
thanks for the idea mary t. our beloved teach!....
you can take a peek at the photo mary took at her blogsite..

happy ruby terry

Sunday, November 07, 2010

How Forgiving Is Our God!

this weekend i was so down in spirits that i couldn't even manage to put in a hymn for sunday.
there are times that i get down so low in the dumps when i think about the failures and the sins that i have had in my life.
this morning though when i attended the lords day sunday morning meeting, a beautiful hymn was given out by one of the christian brothers and it so spoke to me and healed my suffering are the words to this hymn.

1. I have been at the altar
and witnessed the Lamb
Burnt wholly to ashes for me;
And watched its sweet saviour
ascending on high,
Accepted, O Father, by Thee.

2. And lo, while I gazed
at the glorious sight,
A voice from above reached mine ears:
“By this thine iniquity’s taken away,
And no trace of it on thee appears.

3. “An end of thy sin has been
made for thee here
By Him who its penalty bore;
With blood it is blotted eternally out,
And I will not remember it more.”

4. O Lord, I believe it
with wonder and joy;
Confirm Thou, this precious belief;
While daily I learn that I am, in myself,
Of sinners the vilest and chief.

what really made my heart thrill with this hymn was the last two lines of the third verse,
"With blood it is blotted eternally out.
And i will not remember it more."

oh how good it is to know that even when we look inside our heart and have so many regrets and we never seem to be able to forget them, that god says that he will remember our sins no more.
to forget is a human frailty and because god is perfect and has no frailty then it is impossible for him to forget...he is so strong that he says that he will REMEMBER no more our sins!

Psalm 103:12
as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

what started out as a down and out morning has turned into a glorious lords day after all!

whenever we sing this song grampa yade usually puts in a last verse to it,
"it is well with my soul
it is well, it is well with my soul.

here is the whole song of this last verse.

have a happy rest of the lords day i know i shall! terry