Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Nathan [Gift from God]

Nathan, the handsome boy under the big red hat is thirteen years old today!

Nathan, you gift from God you, here are some words from your Mama that I took from her blog.
They are very precious and are worth repeating...

Mama Mac says;
It's hard to believe that my Nathan will be a teenager in March. He is very tiny and the thought of him being 13 just blows me away. Today when I picked him up at the bus after school, he told me he wanted to invite a girl to Mama's house. Now mind you, anyone not tuned in to his language would not have picked up what he was saying ... but, this mom knows his heart and babble to understand him quite well. Maybe over the Christmas break, he can have a very supervised visit as they were caught kissing in the pumpkin patch on a class field trip in October. It's gonna be a rough few years ahead, I can already tell ;)

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to Nathan,
Happy Birthday to you!

Nathan... Mr.Jim's daughter Katrin and his grand kids, Adi and Amber are singing the song but all of your Gramma's friends from all over the world are wishing you a very Happy Birthday too!
Thirteen years old!

Just Nathan.

Mama Mac continues;
People, do you know how blessed I am to have someone saying "I --- love --- you" mommy with eyes and body language that oooozes affection 24/7? Parents that have s-l-o-w children are in a select club ... be it not one we chose to be in ... but one in which God has placed us. The best place to be is in God's place ... the blessings are awesome.
Nathan's Team Mates

I'm in awe of you my dear son ... you have shown me and blessed my days with your sweetness. Our family would be incomplete without you! Although trying at times, you have made our family more sensitive to the needs of people with special needs. Thank you for being who you are, wonderfully made by God.

Hugs & Kisses,


the label Cognitive Impairment leaves little to the imagination that my child has a heart as big as the state of Texas and a smile that goes from ear to ear. It also doesn't mention the fact that each morning when I wake up my little mister will smother me with pats on the back and hugs around my neck, nor the numerous times a day he reaches up to give me a kiss. I think I'll change his "label" to read, Mr. Sunshine! That is a more exact description.

The Beginnings!

Mama's last words for her angel of a son!

I can't imagine life without my little "angel" ... he adds a new dimension to life. His given name means "strength from God" ...Happy birthday little man! Mrs Mac

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Fallen Stop Signs

Mary T the Teach

There has been a lot of road rage against these red and white signs this year.
Bernie and I saw this fallen stop sign on Saturday at the Seaway Mall. . Lots of hit and runs going on!

Sunday morning the little red car refused to start and so it was Bernie and his van to the rescue!

There is the tiniest bit of red in this picture. The cable handles are red...

Bernie attaches the little red car to the big blue van and hopes for the best!

There the two vehicles sit.
The little red car is siphoning as much power as it can from Bernie's van.

The little red car is fully charged, the van goes back home and Bernie and I start out on our way to Mom and Dad Goldens

But what is this?
Another injured stop sign or has some mischievous neighbourhood kid turned it upside down?
It has been a bad year for the Welland stop signs,
but at least they have given me a perfect opportunity to use them for a Ruby Tuesday St Patrick's Day celebration!
Happy St Patrick's Day everyone and God bless you!............Love