Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Fallen Stop Signs


Mary T the Teach

There has been a lot of road rage against these red and white signs this year.
Bernie and I saw this fallen stop sign on Saturday at the Seaway Mall. . Lots of hit and runs going on!

Sunday morning the little red car refused to start and so it was Bernie and his van to the rescue!

There is the tiniest bit of red in this picture. The cable handles are red...

Bernie attaches the little red car to the big blue van and hopes for the best!

There the two vehicles sit.
The little red car is siphoning as much power as it can from Bernie's van.

The little red car is fully charged, the van goes back home and Bernie and I start out on our way to Mom and Dad Goldens

But what is this?
Another injured stop sign or has some mischievous neighbourhood kid turned it upside down?
It has been a bad year for the Welland stop signs,
but at least they have given me a perfect opportunity to use them for a Ruby Tuesday St Patrick's Day celebration!
Happy St Patrick's Day everyone and God bless you!............Love


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Always with a glimpse in your eye. Even when others would have been running over with frustration, you see a possibility to get the "Ruby Tuesday" in box.
You did not place that Stop sign up side down, I hope.
I have a vague idea you might have done it..
From Felisol

Greyscale Territory said...

Delightful, mischievous post!

Terry said...

Hi Greyscale Territory,
Don't you be listening to that Felisol!
Of course it might of been something I WOULD have done as a kid... well not directly. I would have got my brothers to turn that sign upside down but naw!
That sign was just overturned at the right moment for me to snap a picture of it...right at our corner!!!
Ha! The school kids are on their March break, so I suppose they were having fun in the wee small hours of the morning.
Happy Ruby Tuesday you two.
Thanks for stopping by...Love Terry

Amrita said...

Hi Terry, great adventure with the little red car.

maryt/theteach said...

Ha!, Terry! Love the upsidedown STOP sign for Ruby Tuesday!! I twisted my ankle, don't think I broke anything. It's pretty painful though. We'll see how it goes today. Doesn't keep me from blogging though. :)

Trish said...

Glad your Bernie was there to rescue you and the little red car! Never seen an upside down stop sign before...who'd a thunk it???

Deb said...

The STOP signs in our town are often the target of mischief! Upside down, knocked over, spray painted. You would think that kids could find some better things with which to occupy their time!