Tuesday, October 31, 2006

For Sabine, the Fridge Tagger

This is such a plain posting.

I have made it for my friend, Sabine at: "sunshine-and-shadow.blogspot.com" .
It seems Sabine has a passion for fridge doors.
Bernie and I wanted to send her a picture of our nice white fridge but we were promptly disqualfied because we were to take a picture "as is", with no straitening up ahead of time.
Unfortunately, we didn't obey this rule.

Today, after I had taken my mother home from a shopping trip, I slipped upstairs with her with my trusty camera in hand and snapped this picture of her fridge.
As you can see Sabine, there are a few crooked magnets.
I did not put my hand to the door, JUST my camera!

By the way Sabine, although my dear mother has a somewhat spotless fridge door, the magnet that she is missing and which Bernie and I treasure on our door is the 5 by 7 America Flag magnet!

Hmm.. I can see that my dad who changed the dozens of clocks that the "Lady of the Hat" has in their little apartment has missed the one on the top of the fridge!!