Tuesday, October 31, 2006

For Sabine, the Fridge Tagger

This is such a plain posting.

I have made it for my friend, Sabine at: "sunshine-and-shadow.blogspot.com" .
It seems Sabine has a passion for fridge doors.
Bernie and I wanted to send her a picture of our nice white fridge but we were promptly disqualfied because we were to take a picture "as is", with no straitening up ahead of time.
Unfortunately, we didn't obey this rule.

Today, after I had taken my mother home from a shopping trip, I slipped upstairs with her with my trusty camera in hand and snapped this picture of her fridge.
As you can see Sabine, there are a few crooked magnets.
I did not put my hand to the door, JUST my camera!

By the way Sabine, although my dear mother has a somewhat spotless fridge door, the magnet that she is missing and which Bernie and I treasure on our door is the 5 by 7 America Flag magnet!

Hmm.. I can see that my dad who changed the dozens of clocks that the "Lady of the Hat" has in their little apartment has missed the one on the top of the fridge!!



Wendy WaterBirde said...

Well I think you have a sweet fridge Terry. Anyone who would have a sweeping cat on their fridge (loved that) is worth getting to know : )

And I can see why you DO have a camera--your pictures are awesome! I especialy loved the fall forest path images below.

Looking forward to exploring your blog. It makes me kind of nostalgic too--I'm a USA girl, but have spent some very meanigful and missed time visiting Canada.

Blessings : ) Wendy

Anonymous said...

Well, your Mom keeps a charming fridge, Terry.

All is not lost re. your participation, though. You can go right now and take a picture of the inside of your fridge, without straightening it up first. Heeheehee...

Terry said...

Oh No Sabine!!
If I DO that you will know why I am a fat lady!!!!
This game ends right here...Right NOW!!...Love Terry

Wendy WaterBirde said...

I just came back to say how silly I'd been for missing that it was your mom's fridge, and also to say thank you for the sweet comments you left on my blog. And now I get treated to this cute dialogue above : )

I wouldnt dare show the inside of my fridge either Terry. And i think the word fat should be outlawed--and replaced with volumptuous : ) Wendy

Saija said...

terry you are a funny girl ... you took a pic of your mom's fridge instead??? *laughing* ...

our rental fridge is so pathetic and wobbly old that i didn't take a pic ... :o( ... but i should have gone to my aunts and take a pic of her big new fridge ... i never even thought of that ...

*hugs* ... blessings on your week!

Maggie Ann said...

Your Mom's frig is very homey, the various assortment reminds me of our frig. I've got lots of pictures on mine and 2 altered CD's..one is a gift from another blogger. Terry, I think you are a wonderful person too! with love, Maggie Ann

Noel Lewis said...

I'm curious as to what the inside looks like. It's been a long time since I've seen a fridge that actually has anything in it. :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Miss Terry ... does your mom know you took a picture of her fridge? (lol) I still want to see the outside of your's. A person's magnets can say a lot about someone (lol). Mine's a mess with notes and children's appointments scattered about; it's a work in progress.

Terry said...

Dear Mrs. Mac..
We have lots of magnets on our fridge too.
Several of them are holding in place pictures of my nieces and nephews.
There are several Bible verse magnets that Betty made; 1Peter 5:7. Romans 5:6, Ecclesiastes 12:1, 1Tim:2:5, Micah 7:18, Psalms 146:2, Acts 4:12, and John3:16 in Spanish.
There are some pepsi magnets.. two small magnets, one a Canadian flag and the other a USA flag.
There are two magnets that say, "Bernie's Kitchen"...who CAN'T cook, and "Terry's Kitchen" who can cook but CAN'T bake!
Finally we have a big American Flag on the bottom door.

There now see Sabine what you missed out on with your rules??

Oh did I mention that the door is one big mess!
I don't know why it should be though.
I cleaned it all real good only a couple of years ago....Love Terry

Terry said...

Dear Wendy..Thank you so much for all you nice comments on my blog and thanks for looking at it.

I will be writing back to you tomorrow as I have been working or I mean "going" to the the castle for a long shift !! Ha!! No computer THERE!! Love Terry

Jessica said...

lol! I'll have to take a picture of our fridge and send it to you! That's SO funny! There's stuff on the front, but it's mainly the side where all the STUFF is! Pictures, notes, magnets, calender, more and more and more!!!