Friday, January 23, 2009

You Are Right Betty

Dear Betty, I read your comment just now and it gave me the strength to at least finish this post of our dear brother.
Here is your comment, "Terry, it doesn't seem like we lost David 11 years ago."
You know I guess we really haven't lost him, Betty, but we are lost without him. It is such a comfort that we know we will see him one day in heaven.
I have put this song in here because it has been a real comfort to me today and as I listened to it , I thought about David . Where he is now, there is all kinds of singing like this going on!

This is the first picture we have of when the Golden family of seven turned into a family of eight.
David Brian Golden was born in my beloved Manitoba.
As you can see by this picture, I appear really grouchy and so I should be!
Every time a baby was born in our family, Betty took right over like the mother hen that she is!
David is looking at her with adoring eyes!

These are the two baby Goldens. Karen Dianne Golden was born about two years after David, also, in the most beautiful province of Manitoba.

David on vacation with the family, the year Dad Golden packed the car with kids and drove them hundreds of miles to visit relatives in Welland, St. Catharine's and Dunnville, Ontario.
Dad Golden was a very brave and patient man to do this

Gracey and David greeting Dad Golden after his hard day of work being a fireman.
In those days Dad Golden always fussed when we wanted to take his picture.
I had to pay him two dollars to take this photo with the Browny camera that I had swiped from him and Mom Golden, but I see after all these years that it was well worth it!

Gary loved his little brother David but as you can see here, he was forever teasing him.
Gail is looking very concerned about her baby brother.

Ha!..This is David with his little girl friend. In the background you can see the little white trailer where the children in the neighborhood could go on a Friday evening to listen to stories from the Bible.

This is Gail and David. These two children were very close.
To his dying day David worshiped the ground that Gail walked on even though she was living in Toronto by that time.
You see, David was born after her and he was her baby brother

David all dressed up for Sunday School!

This is the last picture of the Golden family in Manitoba.
It was taken by the couple that used to drive us every week 33 miles to Sunday School.
David was a wee little gentleman here.
By this time Betty had moved to Trenton Ontario.
We all missed her and were looking forward to seeing her again.

David acting up for the camera!
By this time the family photographer had graduated to a 126 camera....never was it better than the 620 Browny camera!
The photos get discoloured with age!
I mean just look at that David!
He looks like a little tadpole!

Sometimes that David could be a pain..Ha!!

This is David with HIS little sister, the beach!
This was in Ottawa where the family now lived at the air force base

Although David always got along well with his baby sister, it never took him long to cozy up to Gail!
Mom Golden was about 38 years old in this picture!

The four babies in the Golden family...Gracey, Gail, Karen and David.

Who else but these two partners in crime, David and Gail!

This is one of five pictures that we have of the whole family together.
With so many children, it is a rare thing to have them all in one spot at one time! This picture was taken at Gracey's wedding. Her husband Eric Robert took it.
Eric is with David in heaven.

When David was 33 years old he became a Christian and this beautiful song so reminds me of David, that I thought that I would put it on here.
I think that I will do one more post about David Brian with some pictures of him when he was older and I will write a little summary of his life.
I thank you one and all for your most kind comments. They have been a great comfort and I am going to print them out for Mom and Dad Golden..God bless you all...Love Terry

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jan 19/09 Grandpaw Ron Has Blogged for Two Years!
Today, on Monday January 19, it is Grandpaw Ron's second blogger anniversary
I have put here his first post and the name of his blog;

Hello world! « Effects Of Gods Love In A Journey In Your LIFE & Reminiscent Stories Of The Past?
January 19, 2007

Short and to the point,eh?
Not so with his third post. This writing tells us the bent of Grandpaw Ron's life mainly his Lord and his family. It is oh so beautiful!

"Through life I have at least tried to remember the things that was beneficial to me as I grew older ! As a young boy I remember the the times that my great aunt carried all of us grandboys to church! She was one of those loving Aunts that believe in boys being boys ,although she believed that we should be taught there was a time and place for us to do our thing! Now I was raised in a Tradional Baptist church and I don’t know how She carried all 12 boys to church and managed her sanity at the same time? I do remember that she would carry about a five foot peach tree switch and she sat with us where she could reach us with it! You ask, why do I want to remember that ? It instilled in me and my cousins the other values in life that we needed at an early years ! She had certian times of the week for us to study our bible and sunday school lesson and we had all better show up ? One of the reasons we would all show is all of them big plate of homemade cookies with a glass of milk right out of the cow [ only cooled down ] that could touch any growing boy’s heart? My point is that all of our parents and grandparents should not neglect our opportunities to plant the seeds in our childrens hearts while they are at an early age ! If we start at an early age then we don’t have to start when they get older which causes other problems ? Grandparents I challenge you to take up the responsible jobs that your kids are not doing? Pray about it and then accept the challenges God puts on your heart ? Every child an adult should know the story of the Picture above ? I know because I personally have had that experience ? May God Bless YOU "RON.
January 25 2007

Who would of ever thought that this amazing grace man would be living the words of this January 25 post?
On December 12 2008 Grandpaw Ron and Princess received an early Christmas gift and here in his own words is the description of that gift;

My Grandaughters .
December 26, 2008 · Filed under Stories, religeon

"God never quits amazing us and blessings us ? I believe HE new exactlt what I needed to give me inspiration andmotivation in life ? He blessed me with 2 grandaughters which I love dearly that came to live with me on December 12th ! The decision came without choice but God knew what to do in their lives ! He knew I was the only choice between going to unknown Foster parents somewhere in Georgia or blessing me with them ?"

[OH!! Can't you just hear that Georgian accent?!]

Now THIS is what Grandpaw Ron and his doggie , Princess have become!

God bless you Grandpaw Ron as you seek to bring these children up in the same proper way that you did your own children!......................Love Bernie and Terry

Proverbs 17:6
"Children's children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers."

Psalm 37:23
"The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way."