Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Red Ruby Moments On a Sunny Sunday Morning

this sunday was tbe sunday school mini treat[the children will have their regualar one in february]. anyways, because i wasn't going to be staying for the delicious turkey and ham dinner, i decided i had better at least take some photos before hand... this little spanish girl dressed in red and sitting beside the pine and poinsettia tree looked so pretty in her ruby red hat!
in between the remembrance breaking of bread meeting and sunday school, there is always a cookie break for the sunday school super and his wife had come up with a really great idea one kids are full of energy, eh and they just love to burn some of it off by running all over the place...what darren and lori did was to bring in a huge box of legos and every sunday the kids build their palaces. our little "blue" spanish eyes doll and a port colborne little boy are "workers together" here.
so nice to see the little children getting along!
yummie!!, hot chocolate and cookies...these little cousins are my great niece and nephew..we all have the little gal, under our wings as she lost her mommy a couple of months ago....that is the time she started to come to sunday school.
welland gospel hall is rich in that we have several spanish people as part of the group. this is delmi and her niece, daisy.
rena doing what she loves best....holding one of our newest babies! well i searched a little more for some good photos from the cookie break and i will just put them all here...
litte spanish eye's mommy, marina, all dressed in red!
now this girl in her pretty red hat and her smart ruby red jacket, for some reason always wears something red, so i will ruby post her....i don't know about this girl who is part of the golden family doing such a thing!
once in a while leona or her husband, doug will grab my camera and take a picture of yours truly...i am a thorn between two roses!
spanish mumma and her precious daughter
lots of babies to hold!...this pretty lady is spanish eye's gramma.
sunday school teacher, janice sits in a front seat with her little charges....and then they sing!
and sing...
and sing!
\ mom golden is looking her best...she is like a little china doll...a little china doll that is 82 years old!
this is gramma golden's youngest great grandchild, the looks of the little fellow, he is just starving! hey! will somebody peel this?!
here scotty tells the children a sunday scholl story that is all about the lord jesus who paid the price for our sins...on the cross..when he died and uttered the words, "it is finished" our redemption was complete! many years ago scotty was in my sunday school class!
.. and so was this guy, sitting here with his sunday school kids...darren, the is days like this that make me feel very old!
and NOW it is time to go downstairs for a turkey dinner!
this little guy cane as a guest and we were glad to see them both...there is always room for one more!
this young couple is the mom and dad of the kids i pick up for sunday school..the kids have been coming for over ten years and it is my great privilege to pick then up each sunday morning.
scotty , holding his new born child...this little girl is part of our next generation of sunday school kids!
well it was time for me to go and take mom golden home to dad guldens, where he has made his weekly sunday dinner meal for the family... i hope that you like this ruby tuesday and the pictures of the kids,and all of the adults! terry everybody ought to go to sunday school! terry

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Little Ruby Tuesday Lassie

last sunday, the sunday school children were practising a little skit that they will be doing this coming sunday for the older people at the church.. here the sunday school superintendent explains to the kids what will be happening. the children are all ears!
this little lassie in her ruby coloured dress is why i make her my ruby tuesday girl...

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Beautiful People on a Ruby Tuesday

i realize that it is ruby tuesday today but all this week i have been thinking on this video which i saw at my new friend, betty's blog. the lord is doing a good work in "moi" new guinea and dedicated christian missionaries are going there bringing hope to these dear people, and bringing to them the good news of the gospel.
Moi Testimonies from New Tribes Mission on Vimeo.
Romans 10:13-15 13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. 14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? 15 And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

may the lord bless these people and let the joy of their 
salvation be in them fountains overflowing!

ps ...happy ruby tuesday everyone! terry

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey Jada Gigi..How About My Concert Memories on This Ruby Tuesday

two weeks ago bernie and i attended a southern gospel concert in niagara falls. the dixie melody boys quartet have always been one of our favourites'... my friend jada gigi suggested that i make a ruby tuesday post and so i have chosen a few pictures to download. as you can see by this picture, the concert auditorium was just swimming with bright red chairs.
this young man who sings with the "proverbs", is making sure with the sound man that everything is up to par with the music. i must say that their bright smiling faces go very well in a happy ruby post!
i pulled this song out of you tube, and the music man did a good job here....just as he had done in niagara falls! of course the boys WERE missing their fine red ties[except for ed o'neal] and the poppies!
this fine looking couple seem almost royalty. ed o'neal and his lovely wife had spent time during the day discovering niagara falls and they really enjoyed themselves. they are just surrounded by ruby and the little lady even sports a wine coloured vest, which goes very well with ed's tie and the poppies!
now THIS is the photo that jada gigi[cheryl] suggested i post. here i am with my beloved quartet...."the dixie melody boys"... have a happy ruby tuesday everybody and may god bless you terry

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Relatives From Iowa on a Bright Ruby Day

it surely was a bright ruby tuesday...we found this bee resting on the hood of the little red car.
when the iowan family came for a visit, betty and john's house was opened for them..the belzners have always has an open house for everyone..just as they had for our adopted sister donna last october.
here teddy's wife lois sits beside sister in law grace..when lois came into the golden family, it was quite a surprise that she and grace shared the same birthday,july 26..lois looks very nice in her ruby red jacket, eh?
mom golden was in all her happy to be part of the gang..alas! for dad golden, it was way passed his bedtime and so he was sound asleep and probably snoring at home!...rachel and the little doggie seem to be enjoying gramma golden's company!
yummie...ruby red pizza.....
and ruby red lasagna prpeared in a slow cooker..
enjoyed by uncle bernie and matthew[betty and john's son].
john an betty and their two "babies"..ha!
rachel, uncle bernie's pride and joy.
lois teddy's wife and our little rainbow girl, ivey, and ashley, teddy's and lois's girl.
mom golden's second, third, and fourth children, gary, terry and teddy.
little rainbow ivey and jeffory[teddy and lois's boy]
ashley was born in southern ontario but now she is a iowa prairie girl!
lttle john belzner and his friends, katie and molly.
although there were many people at the belzner home....
this empty chair says, "there's always room for one more"!
heads are bowed as teddy gives thanks to the lord for all of the bountiful gifts the lord has given to us and an especial thanks for the gift of the lord jesus christ and eternal life.
happy ruby tuesday everyone until next week and may the lord bless you all as he has surely blessed the golden terry