Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Relatives From Iowa on a Bright Ruby Day

it surely was a bright ruby tuesday...we found this bee resting on the hood of the little red car.
when the iowan family came for a visit, betty and john's house was opened for them..the belzners have always has an open house for everyone..just as they had for our adopted sister donna last october.
here teddy's wife lois sits beside sister in law grace..when lois came into the golden family, it was quite a surprise that she and grace shared the same birthday,july 26..lois looks very nice in her ruby red jacket, eh?
mom golden was in all her glory..so happy to be part of the gang..alas!..as for dad golden, it was way passed his bedtime and so he was sound asleep and probably snoring at home!...rachel and the little doggie seem to be enjoying gramma golden's company!
yummie...ruby red pizza.....
and ruby red lasagna prpeared in a slow cooker..
enjoyed by uncle bernie and matthew[betty and john's son].
john an betty and their two "babies"..ha!
rachel, uncle bernie's pride and joy.
lois teddy's wife and our little rainbow girl, ivey, and ashley, teddy's and lois's girl.
mom golden's second, third, and fourth children, gary, terry and teddy.
little rainbow ivey and jeffory[teddy and lois's boy]
ashley was born in southern ontario but now she is a iowa prairie girl!
lttle john belzner and his friends, katie and molly.
although there were many people at the belzner home....
this empty chair says, "there's always room for one more"!
heads are bowed as teddy gives thanks to the lord for all of the bountiful gifts the lord has given to us and an especial thanks for the gift of the lord jesus christ and eternal life.
happy ruby tuesday everyone until next week and may the lord bless you all as he has surely blessed the golden family..love terry