Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have a happy Thanksgiving our American Bernie and Terry


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Ruby MacTuesday

I was so busy this week that I hardly had the time to take any Ruby Tuesday pictures.
I had no choice but to got into one of my many external hard drives and start to search and this is what I found!

Welland is basically a small town, but not too small to have a fast food alley on Niagara Street;
Kentucky fried Chicken, Wendy's, Burger King Harvey and's, Taco Bell and Dairy Queen and most popular of all...MacDonald's
Now this fellow in his flashy red and yellow suit was moved down to MacDonald's from Wal-mart when new owners took over the store on Niagara Street. He has proved to be quite a popular fellow with the kids and with the adults as well!
Dad Golden seems to be quite comfortable sitting here, quite happy indeed!
Or I wonder if his is pleased that his nutty daughter had Bernie take a picture of us three stooges?!

When fast food hamburger joints were first opened in my beloved Manitoba, Dad Golden never had the money to treat his wife and nine kids to a 19 cent hamburger.
Well now I guess he thinks he can and that is exactly what he is doing here, picking up the tab for Mom Golden, Bernie and me!
Welland is small town enough that we are always running into family, just as we did this day.
Betty had popped into the Macs, saw us, and decided to have a coffee with us.
Dad and Mom Golden were very pleased to see her.

I love MacDonald's because there is always the chance of running into senior citizens who Bernie and I love to talk to and eventually, I talk them into letting me take a photo of them.
They are so game!

I imagine these three are old friends who have worked together for many years in the factory.
Although they are retired now, they still take the time to meet at the Macs and have coffee together.
I have quite often wondered why their wives aren't with them.
Poor Bernie, eh, is always stuck with me!
People never see one of us without the other

Well MacDonald's is saying good night to everyone and hoping that people will surely be coming in for breakfast the next day.
Whenever Bernie is on the eventing shift, we will go there for coffee and burnt English muffins!

Well Happy Ruby Tuesday everybody.
May the Lord bless you and give you a good day...............Love Terry