Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Mom Golden On A Ruby Tuesday With Her Book Of Memories


bernie thought it a very good idea that we should scan mom golden's many photo albums and so i have put a few photos in here...mom golden has over one hundred albums and there is not a special time in each book! old and new pictures all mixed together in one happy jumble!

we found this baby picture of edna kathleen wells...mom golden used to be a BABY??

mom golden takes some time out of her busy life to sit in front of her wall of fame and talks to gracey.

grace used to give mom golden organ lessons and as soon as mom was able to play a few hymns, well then she quit!

because she really did need more time to love her many grandchildren.
at the time of this picture, she and dad golden had almost 20 grand kids...

alas..this pair never did give mom golden any grandchildren...

but betty and john gave her five!

mom always did have the time for her nine children and her advice was always right on target!

bernie found this picture of mom golden and her sister aunt marion in the same book as these others...

and THIS one where i caught mom golden with three of her daughters doing what she loves best..shopping second hand...i am so sure that my bestest friend felisol would surely get along just fine with mom golden!
for sure and the pair of them would be doing what they BOTH loved best!

mom golden and sixth child, gail having a serious conversation.
of all of mom golden's six girls, gail looks the most like her.

mom and dad golden's hearts were nearly broken when the lord took their eighth child, david brian to heaven one day.

ha! a mothers work is never done...here mom is tying up fourth child's, gary's shoe laces!

teddy and gary were always partners in crime!!

mom golden with her beautiful baby karen, and karen's handsome american boy friend, tim.

gramma golden with her cute grandson, darrell. beside lake erie.

mom golden and her six girls, betty, terry, sandra, gracey, gail and karen.
mom really looks she is one of our sisters instead of our mom! ...all of these kids plus the three boys mom golden took to sunday school EVERY week!

now i HAD to put in this picture of dad golden with my nephew, darrell because one time i made a post and there was not one picture of felisol's prayer child, my dad in it and so was i told!!

now when bernie finished scanning this book, i emailed many pictures to betty's face book where betty was making a face book family album and then we let mom golden view them on her lap top.
here she looks at a picture of her mom, my gramma wells..

and in this last picture you can see the tiniest smile on mom golden's face as she looks at a photo of her beloved dad....

i know that i have very little red in this ruby tuesday post but one thing that is surely red is the photo album that bernie has scanned the pictures from!


Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Good Shepherd

when bernie and i were in rapid city manitoba, visiting some old friends that i have known for fifty years, mr c was called over to his daughter's house...now his girl and her husband and three children live right next door.
his daughter is a shepherd of a flock of sheep and one of the sheep who had wandered away got herself into much distress because she had stepped on to the tin roof of a shed and gone right through and was in a trap...

mr. c looked on...

as his daughter spoke gently to the sheep.

and then two pairs of willing hands helped the shepherd pull the fearful sheep from its precarious situation.

after valarie and her boy looked the sheep over carefully for any cuts or bruises..

they saw a large cut in the sheep's leg and so the boy comforted the sheep as his mother went to get some medicine..he knew that it would surely sting but..

the shepherd of the hurt little sheep had no choice but to pour the stinging but healing liquid into the open wound.
the sheep made no complaints and was as quiet as a little dove.

when the doctoring was done and the sheep made its way to the edge of the yard, it turned its little head as if to say thank you to its rescuer.

the boy offers comfort to the sheep..

the sheep's mama and the rest of the flock look on and wait for their friend to return...

but the sheep will have to stay put for a while by itself while it mends....but really not alone because the boy, son of the shepherd will keep the sheep company!

have a blessed lords day!.......love terry