Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hey Hortense!

Hi Terry I finally managed to send you some pictures but the silly computer only let me send ten a time.Ive been reading your blogg so maybe I will write a remark. Have to go now the kids love to see me blow out my candles on my birthday cake. We do it more for them than ourselves . Love Gail aka Hortense
As soon as my little sister, Gail read the birthday card that I made for her, she emailed me from New Market[outside of Toronto] and coughed up a few pictures.
Hey maybe if I write about her more often, she will send me more!
Or better still, I will convince her to create her own blog!
Anyways I will now post the photos that she sent to me and I just hope that I label them right!

This is a picture of Gail and her son Philip.

Gail and Ross's son Curtis, their first born.

I have no idea who this guy or gal is.
My sister, Gail is like Mrs. Mac.
She is NOT a cat person!

The sweet little girl in this picture is Gracey's little one, Amanda.
Now Amanda is the mother of the "Daniel Of Many Faces".
The young man is our brother David, who now lives in heaven.
The baby is Curtis.

Ha!! Amanda sucked the same two fingers that her mommy, Gracey used to!

Mom Golden looks very tired as she sits on the afghan that Gail has made for her.
Gail has made all of her sisters and most of her aunts lovely blankets like this.

This is Miss Amanda again!



Hey Hortense, I hope that black kitty doesn't attack your cake like your niece Rachel's dog attacked mine!

I didn't get to taste a crumb of that cake!!

Not a bite!!

Happy Birthday...We love you!!

Happy Birhtday "Hortense"

Happy birthday to our little sister Gail Susan.
Gail, I will never forget the day that you were born.
When Dad Golden got the message from the hospital that mom had another girl, your big brother, Teddy was beside himself with anger!
Mom was SUPPOSED to have a boy. It is not fair!!
Oh well when David was born a couple of years later, I guess Teddy forgave Mom Golden!
I hope you have a very happy birthday Gail!!!..Love Bernie and Terry and the Shopper..
.A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. -Marion C. Garrettty
To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. ~Clara Ortega

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Birthday Pictures

Here are some pictures of the "surprise" birthday party that my niece, Rachel gave to me this Saturday.
I wanted to make this post to thank all of you, my friends who sent me such nice birthday greetings!

This picture of Mom and Dad is so cute!
Dad Golden made my birthday very special because, besides one or two summer family picnics that he attends, the only other time of the year that he comes to a family gathering is on Christmas Eve at Betty and John's.
So I felt so privileged!
Dad Golden goes to bed at 7:00 every night.

Now this cake is nameless and candle less but I think that Betty brought it over for me!
There is a sad story behind this cake though.
As I told my friends on the Pilgrim Pal blog, I had to take Dad Golden home a couple of hours after we had been there, as he tires quite easily.
When I returned I heard the sad tale that one of Rachel's dogs had attacked that cake when no one was looking.

He got caught in the act right in time!
Apparently Rachel cut the piece off that he had been licking and decided that she may as well cut and serve the cake.
Well, much to my astonishment, when I returned from dropping Dad Golden off, I saw that everyone was chomping down the birthday girl's cake.
No Happy Birthday Terry song, no candles and NO ice cream!!
This was surely a low blow!!
And there lay that sneaky black dog in the corner licking his chops!

Rachel always spreads a bountiful table although as you must surely notice, there are the scalloped potatoes that I had to make for my "surprise" birthday party

This is Bernie and my bother, Gary.
They have been friends for almost 36 years
This is Jacob, Gary's youngest son[14] and I was glad to see him at my birthday party.

This little guy is Jordan and he is Gracey's grandchild.
He loves his auntie's scalloped potatoes!

Dad and Mom Golden with three of their children..Betty, Terry and Gary.

Mom Golden is wandering around with her camera to see who she can "snap"!

This Saturday Gracey will be mother of the groom, to her son, Eric.
Eric's girl, Marie has learned just how crazy the Golden family is and she doesn't seem to mind at all!
She fits right in!

Amy, Betty's daughter is hugging that black dog who stole the cake!!

Now these next few picture's are "flannelette nightie" pictures.
Mom Golden gave me two big nighties for my 58th birthday and I tried one over my dress but I made her try the other one on and so here we are, two models!!
This is what I mean about that Marie.
She may as well know by now that she has landed into one fun loving and crazy family!!

Good night all and thanks again for all of your greetings.
I am going to thank you each on your blog site.
God bless you!...Love Terry