Friday, June 08, 2007

News For Dad Golden

Dad Golden returned from Hamilton yesterday with the news that he would have to have the operation on his neck arteries but he will have to wait until possibly the Fall as he has been put on a waiting list.
If there are any cancellations, he could go before that.

These pictures of Mom and Dad Golden were taken two weeks ago when Mom and I were just getting home from visiting Aunt Marion.

As I was taking a picture of Mom beside the little red car, the camera's eye caught my dad coming home from shopping.

Even though he was quite dizzy, I made him stand beside his pretty little wife so I could take a picture with BOTH of them standing beside the little red car!

Dad Golden managed to walk into the apartment building without falling and here he is hamming it up for the camera as he and Mom Golden get into the elevator which they will ride up, get off of and walk into their little apartment and be finally free of their daughter, who is always pushing a camera into their faces, a daughter who has been doing that very same thing for about 46 years ever since the day that she stole their Brownie camera!

I want to thank all of my blogging friends for praying for my dad.

Also, news is favorable as far as Arlene is concerned.
Although she is tired,she is not feeling as ill as she was and she is never too tired or too ill to pray for anyone of you who would like to contact her.
Just tell her what you would like her to pray for and she will do it!

Bill and Jessica's little five year old Billy is home from the hospital and is feeling better and as of yesterday, Pilot-dad was feeling a little bit better for which Pilot-mom is very grateful .

Felisol ,although she is missing her dad is making the blog rounds and leaving encouraging comments to all of the people mentioned above, including me, as she says that she is still praying for Dad Golden' salvation.
And everyone's friend, Jim, our own singing telegram guy is praying for everyone," not on bended knee of course" he says.
HE has a broken leg, so I guess we should all be praying for HIM too!
There is never a lack of work to be doing for the Lord, eh?
God bless you all.................Love Terry

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Prayer Request For Arlene

Today as, I was making a visit to Miss Patty''s blog site
[living],I saw this beautiful verse from Isaiah right at the top of her post.

I went on to visit her daughter Sara, at " Here was the verse again!
Here was the explanation!
Sara has requested that we post this verse and stand in prayer together for Arlene. [].
Arlene, for the next while will be going through Chemo treatment for cancer.
Arlene and her husband are very much involved with visiting prisons and bringing in with them the glad news of salvation to the lost souls.
They are truly being used of the Lord and Arlene's heart is there.
She does not like that this sickness is getting in the way.
We are praying that the Lord will heal her!
And this is my hope that all the dear Christian bloggers that read this post will all join in prayer for Arlene and her dear husband.
Also, if you would go to Jel's, you will read about a little five year old boy that is in need of prayer.
The prayer list seems to be getting longer and longer, but we know that we have a Father who never grows weary and who always has an open ear to our pleas.
Thank you so much for reading this post and I am thanking all of you in advance for your prayers.......Love Terry

Monday, June 04, 2007

Dad Golden and Felisol's Father

This morning as I was walking into the worship meeting the words to this hymn were filling my heart with joy!

"I have been at the altar and witnessed the Lamb,

Burnt wholly to ashes for me;

And watched its sweet savour ascending on high

Accepted , O Father by Thee.

And lo, while I gazed at the glorious sight

A voice from above reached mine ears:

"By this thine iniquity's taken away,

And no trace of it on thee appears."

"An end of thy sin has been made for thee here,

By Him who its penalty bore;

With blood it is blotted eternally out,

And I will not remember it more."

O Lord, I believe it with wonder and joy;

Confirm Thou this precious belief;

While daily I learn that I am in myself

Of sinners the vilest and chief."

This Thursday Felisol and her family will be laying to rest their dear father, husband and grandfather.

This Thursday my dad will be going to the hospital for a surgery.

Felisol's dad, like Miss Patty mentioned is "absent from the body, present with the Lord and Happy."

Dad Golden is living still but not really LIVING because he is unsaved as of yet.

My prayer for Felisol's precious family is that they will feel the Lord's constant comfort as He is with them.

My prayer for my dad is that he will believe on the Lord for his salvation before it is too late.

I asked Saija if I could use this lovely verse card that she has on blog site.

This verse shows us what is really important in this life.

Felisol's dad has died a rich man.

My dad is a poor man indeed and will be poorer still if he doesn't get saved!

I really loved the first hymn that we sang in our worship meeting!

"Crowned with thorns upon the tree,

Silent in Thine agony;

Dying, crushed beneath the load

Of the wrath and curse of God.

On Thy pale and suffering brow,

Mystery of love and woe;

On Thy grief and sore amaze,

Saviour, I would fix my gaze!

On Thy pierced and bleeding breast

Thou doest bid the weary rest;

Rest there from the world's false ways,

Rest there from its vanities.

Rest in pardon and relief

From the load of guilt and grief

Rest in Thy redeeming blood

Rest in perfect peace with God.

Sin-atoning Sacrifice,

Thou art precious in mine eyes;

Thou alone my rest shall be

Now and through eternity."

Felisol's dad has perfect peace and his family feel this peace even though their hearts are breaking!

If only Dad Golden would realize that the willing death of the Lord Jesus has paid for all of his sins and perfect peace is being offered to him!

Then he would be happy and his family would be happy even though their hearts are hurting for him because he is sick!

O how happy Mom Golden would be!

This Bible scripture is for my dad.

Matthew 11:28..."Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

This Bible scripture is for Felisol's dad,

Psalm 16:11..."Thou wilt show me the path of life; in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand are pleasures for evermore."

Thank you for all your prayers for my friend, Felisol!

Thank you for all your prayers for my dad!

Thank you Saija for this lovely verse card!

Thank you Pat for the words of comfort!

Thank you all...........Love Terry