Friday, June 08, 2007

News For Dad Golden

Dad Golden returned from Hamilton yesterday with the news that he would have to have the operation on his neck arteries but he will have to wait until possibly the Fall as he has been put on a waiting list.
If there are any cancellations, he could go before that.

These pictures of Mom and Dad Golden were taken two weeks ago when Mom and I were just getting home from visiting Aunt Marion.

As I was taking a picture of Mom beside the little red car, the camera's eye caught my dad coming home from shopping.

Even though he was quite dizzy, I made him stand beside his pretty little wife so I could take a picture with BOTH of them standing beside the little red car!

Dad Golden managed to walk into the apartment building without falling and here he is hamming it up for the camera as he and Mom Golden get into the elevator which they will ride up, get off of and walk into their little apartment and be finally free of their daughter, who is always pushing a camera into their faces, a daughter who has been doing that very same thing for about 46 years ever since the day that she stole their Brownie camera!

I want to thank all of my blogging friends for praying for my dad.

Also, news is favorable as far as Arlene is concerned.
Although she is tired,she is not feeling as ill as she was and she is never too tired or too ill to pray for anyone of you who would like to contact her.
Just tell her what you would like her to pray for and she will do it!

Bill and Jessica's little five year old Billy is home from the hospital and is feeling better and as of yesterday, Pilot-dad was feeling a little bit better for which Pilot-mom is very grateful .

Felisol ,although she is missing her dad is making the blog rounds and leaving encouraging comments to all of the people mentioned above, including me, as she says that she is still praying for Dad Golden' salvation.
And everyone's friend, Jim, our own singing telegram guy is praying for everyone," not on bended knee of course" he says.
HE has a broken leg, so I guess we should all be praying for HIM too!
There is never a lack of work to be doing for the Lord, eh?
God bless you all.................Love Terry


Pilot Mom said...

Terry, I will be praying for your Dad Golden's health over the next several months. Lord willing, there will be a cancelation for him. In the meantime, I pray for God's Spirit to wrap Himself around your father until he calls out for Jesus as his Savior!!

I'm going with PD to his radiation treatment this afternoon. He is glad it is the weekend...that will give him a two day break...much needed. :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Well, we will just have to be praying that there is a cancellation for your Dad's surgery. I'm hoping he's feeling the bombardment of all the folks praying for his salvation :) Nice of you to post the pics of your mom and dad ... they make a lovely couple ... a rather fortunate thing that their daughter "stole" their brownie camera 46 years ago (hee, hee).

Jim said...

Thanks for the mention, Terry. It's my knee-cap that's broken, the doctor is trying a non-operative approach first in hopes I won't need surgery.
Nothing is life threatening so you guys all concentrate your prayers for Dad Golden, Arlene, Little Billy, and the others first.

Terry, those are nice pictures. Your dad looks like he is accepting his wait ok, but I know he worries. Nothing is very fast in the medical business except emergency work. Here in the states for the good doctors with excellent reputations the waits are long too.

passing-thru said...

yes - we are remembering your dad - have been and will continue - as well as all the requests we think of ---- praying AND expecting and that goes for Jim too - " little is much , when GOD is in it - labour not for wealth or fame , there's a Crown and U can win it -- neat stuff -----

Sara said...

i love these pics of your family, keep 'em coming. makes me feel that much closer. plus it'll make it extra easy to find you guys in heaven! praying that dad golden's surgery happens in God's perfect timing. there is always a reason for both opened and closed doors. we will continue to agree with you for his medical and spiritual needs. much love to everybody up yonder in canada!

grandpaw said...

HI, Terry just wanted to let you know I'm still praying for your Dad ! My Mom had to have surgery on the artery's in the back of her neck and they couldn't do surgery but used some new tecknology to unblock them ? Blessings . Grandpaw.

Pat said...

Look at that smile on Dad Goldens face - I think daughter Terry must be her Father's girl! It's so sweet of you to share your pictures - I always love to see them.
Are you any where near St. Catherines, Ont.? My husbands mother and grandmother are from there. It's a beautiful area.
We continue to hold Dad Golden up in prayer, both for his physical healing and his spiritual healing - what a day of rejoicing that will be in Canada when Dad accepts the Lord as his Savior - we'll probably hear the shouting down in Michigan!

Pat said...

Dear Terry -
My husband just corrected me - which isn't too uncommon!
His Mom and Grandmother were from Hamilton, Ont. His grandmother used to ice skate on the bay. When his grandmother married his grandfather, they moved to Michigan. My mother in law lives only blocks from us now.
I think you need a temporary butterfly tatoo for you ankle - for when the mood strikes you to be a biker gal! Vroommm!

Deb said...

It's high time I quit 'lurking' and post a comment! Terry, I am praying for your Dad and believe that God will answer our prayers and the Holy Spirit will work on your Dad with (as my friend would say) nudges 'til he budges!

Saija said...

you are a good daughter ... even if you do have a camera in their face ... :o) ...

leo's dad had that neck surgery (artery) about 17 years ago, it really worked well ...

blessings on your Lord's day!

Sioux said...

God bless you all!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dearest Mrs. S.,
Thank you for putting all the prayer updates in one makes it easier for poor me who hasn't been able to, don't pity me, that's okay. The computer news is bad, I wrote a few comments on the Pilgrim's blog, and on the PP's blog. My sister and I are planning something that I think you'll love, but it'll take so long to type, I couldn't do it today. And I should really be working, but I can go on my computer WHENEVER as compared to this laptop.

God bless ou,
the lil pilgrim pal

Glenys Hicks said...

Dear Terry,

I will be praying for your Dad. Also, Max is back in the hospital again with pneumonia.


hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mrs. S.,
I have another prayer request for you...remember my neighor I've mentiond before who's recently divorced with two children? I gave her a book called God's Promises for Mothers today. I know she's been going through a hard time, but she won't tal with me much about it...besides that she sees her adorable kids as a burden rather than a blessing. Please pray that her eyes will be opened to God when she reads this book, and that she'll be able to give her a Bible soon. Her mom is a JW, which makes things a little difficul sometimes, considering her parents live downstairs from her. The kids are having a tough time, too, besides that it's their birthdays now. Oh, and lesser important,I'm having a tough time, too. I don't think I'll ever get over hi leaving like he did....and I always miss him.

the little pilgrim pal