Sunday, June 10, 2007

Turtle, My Comforter

I received this 'Pick Me Up" from my friend Sioux this evening and it surely DID give my heart some cheer!

Here is the message that Sioux wrote under Turtle's picture.

"Thought you could use a little love and's Turtle to do just that, with love and best wishes from Raf and me, too:"

Thank you Turtle, Raf and Sue Sioux!
Have a blessed Lord's Day!....Love Terry


Sioux said...

Glad Turtle did her job! Hope you are having a most blessed Lord's Day. We are back from worship and are just being quiet listening to Alison Krauss. Raf's a big Blue Grass fan...I'm not so much, but right now it's real nice.

Anyway, God bless you and yours this fine day.

Anonymous said...

oh i love to see your pictures of your cat's. we just love ours still, it's wush a sweet , mild cat. haven't been on your blog in awhile! you should drop by mine sometime!