Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Retirement Saija!

Today was Saija's last day of work at the "salt mines", and it was a bitter sweet day.
Sad because she really did love her job and her fellow workers loved HER;
But sweet because she and Leo can spend their days together and I think that this is a NICE sweetness, don't you?

Saija, I have put you into a lovely sunrise which I had put up my sleeve for a rainy day, just two days ago in fact!
You are in a sunrise starting a new day in your life!
I must tell you that this is not a Manitoba sunrise although it is almost as beautiful as a prairie sunrise [ALMOST]!
No this is what the Pilgrim Pals call a "Fisher" sun rise and I think that it will do the trick of wishing for you, dear Saija, a "Happy Retirement".
And I truly think that if we wait very patiently, that our own "Singing Telegram", Jim will be sending you his congratulations!!

Psalm 118:24..."This is the day that the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."

Best wishes for the future Leo and Saija!


passing-thru said...

Nice post -- a unique ministry, Terry --- CONGRATS TO SAIJA ----

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

What a nice post for a good friend. I stopped by and wished her well too. I am very happy for her. What a good tribute!! Sandy

resting in psalm 37 said...

What a sweet post! You are so nice to all your friends! We all better remember to be nice to you, too :)

Love and Prayers,

jel said...

that's way cool!

Saija said...

awww, thanks Terry ... it looks lovely ... i still can't believe i have this summer off? i think maybe on thursday (which would have been my "monday") i will feel it more! big ((hugs)) and blessings on ya!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
thank you for checking in on me. You're so very welcome. Guess you are that kind of person that you most of your time caring for and worrying about other. That feels so good. I just do hope that we might be able to do something back. You are of course an important person on my prayerlist. What I think, I'd like to see you happy and enjoying yourself.
I've seen the many wonderful pictures you've taken and those miraculous composings your makeing. I also see how you appreciate the various shapes and shades af nature. Not to speak of your cats and dogs gatherings. We are so flattered that Marcello was invited..(I've shown your site to my daughter, she's still soarly missing our cat.)
if you got the time, can you put up a small prayer for Serina, she drew English Oral as the last of her final exams. She's hoping for an A, but you know, there're nerves involved and all that.
No big deal though, just that we're aall pritty shaken after my father's tough last three weeks before he died.
I know I'm lucky to be a mother. I was 38 when she was born, my only child. Its for sure the greatest thing that happened to me, but it also has done me more vulnerable than I thought possible.
I've ust read inmy father's old Bible. He wrote in it, "dear Lord, keep my children saved." We were one and two years old as he wrote those lines.
I feel the fear and discomfort you have about your father not being saved. i don't think the Lord will let you down. He simply has to fullfill his promises. He will never stop calling and caring for your father.
(In my father's funural there was this 87 years old neighbour of ours. A stubborn child of prayers. His mother died 40 years ago. Well, that day was the first day in those forty years our neighbour went to church. With the wonderful speach the minister held, I feel sure our neighbour got just what he needed to get through.)
Now I have to go to bed. My two wonderful and blessed supportive friends are picking me up for our weekly walk out ether in the mountains or along our beaches. I'm looking forward to being with them. It has been some weeks since I last had the opportunity to. God bless you all. Felisol

Jim said...

Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!
Best retirement wishes to Saija!

Terry, you do good always!

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Miss Sunshine Spreader ... I see you're at it again ... and a very lovely (swiped) photo and message to dear saija. You're a wonderful friend to so many people ... and an awsome prayer warrior!

Lauren-Mary said...

Congrats to Saija!
How is your dad doing? We are all praying for him.
...and I agree with Mrs.Mac- you are a WONDERFUL friend!!

Vicki said...

Ah, what a sweet spirit you have, my friend! You do the sweetest things for friends, and please know how utterly GRATEFUL I am for your blog visits and prayers. They mean so much. Truly.

Warm hugs & love,

Pilot Mom said...

Terry, here is how it is done. Click on "View my complete profile" up in the top right corner of your blog. Then go click on "Edit my profile" on the left (?) side. Scroll down and you will see PHOTOGRAGH and then under that you will see "Phot URL." Put the URL in there of the pic you want and then go down to 'save changes'. I think that should do it. If not, holler at me again and I'll email you more. :)

Jim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim said...

Terry, that profile picture can't be too large either.
Some place it tells the max pixel size. Just make it smaller or cut some off to get it uploaded.
Oh yes, it has (or used to be that way) to be from a Web site, i.e. something you have previously uploaded.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Dearest Ms. S.,
There you go again, being so nice as to put up my prayer request on our PP blog, and correct all my horrid typos. I typed that in such a hurry, and I was so tired physically and don't know what a world of good it did me today to see it there! I left a comment right after, and then didn't have anytime to come over and thank you. I think I'm feeling a little better. Stupid me is playing that song again, but it's just my way of getting of it all. Actually, were I on our usual computer, I would be playing my soft Christian music playlist that always comforts and encourages me, but I've lost it for now, until we get the computer fixed, if possible.
Did you like the bookmarks in the last letter? Did I shock you in what I wrote, or were you offended or anything? I was so concerned, because you haven't written me in awhile, butI thought maybe you've been busy. And then you are posting my prayer requests, so maybe that is tying up your time, too :)
How is your dad? Don't give up hope, some people change, remember! If you gave him an evangelical book, would he read it? I always give out THe Little Book of Bible Promises...have you seen that before? It is so encouraging...I could read it forever!

Have a blessed evening,
the little Pilgrim pal

P.S. Thank you for are such a blessing. My sister is always talking about how she hopes one day we'll all meet--here on earth, that is :)

Hebrews 11:1 said...

I didn't mean to type Ms. up there...I'm so sorry, the R didn't stick..oh, this horrid laptop keyboard!

Deb said...

I love how you're putting people "into" the photos. The one of Arlene and hubby is especially nice!

Thinking of you today --and still praying...

Terry said...

Dear Hebrews 11:1..
Yes... I have been a bit busy but that is no excuse for not answering you.
You know if a person doesn't have a blog spot., I usually try to answer them on my blog site.
For instant there is a nice girl, Rose that I have to thank for commenting too!!
I have seen her on my Felisol's site a few times but never on here until now!!

You didn't make any mistakes at all.
It is I who made a big one on Pigrim Pals.
I spelled prayer wrong but I was able to correct it.

Have you been at Felisol's lately?

I will be praying for your friends.
It would be nice to see that whole family saved lil pilgrim.
I know just how you feel about the lady's husband leaving.
When Dad was in the air force, there were people forever getting transferred and when we lost friends that way, we would be crying our eyes out for days!
In this case though if if this man and woman get saved, the family will be healed and you will see them all together again.
Remember, nothing is impossible for God!!
Your letter did not offend me at all.
I sent one to Jel, Saija, and Felisol, and I think that Pilgrim David probably sent one to Lauren-mary.
Would you like me to send one to Passing-thru?
Let me know when you can and give the little Montreal girl a hug from Mr.S. and me.....Love Mrs S.

Hello Rose and thanks for your comments and for your psalm!

hebrews 11:1 said...

Dear Mrs. S.,
Okay now don't tell the whole world! You brought a smile to my face this morning. :) Yes, tell Passing-thru...
And I will give my sister a hug from you, she can always use ne. She is lamenting that she has been unable to get on here since the computer crash, and I have been hogging the few moments we have online. Naughty me!
I swung over to Felisol's recently, but forgot something to ask her, so I'll have to go back again when time allows.
Did you read what I wrote you on the Pals site about the story of the rock? Because if you did I have something really funny to add...if not, please check it out, but I forgot exactly where it was! It was a post from a few days ago, I think.

Have a blessed weekend!

From, the little pilgrim pal whose got so much up a sleeve for my dad for Father's Day that my sleeve appears to bulge :) I hope we can pull it all off without a hitch. Oh, tell Mr. Golden Happy Father's Day from me, please!

rrbj said...

Good Morning Terry & Bernie.

Hey I finally have time to comment now Terry cause I got my diploma from VBS last night ? We have been able to plant some seeds in the childrens hearts ? Now we just have to spare the time to cultivate those seeds ?
Thanks for the comments and email. I put Dad Golden on our prayer list.
I sent you an email this morning and share it with Him !
Got to go and visit some blogs that have been neglected !
BTW, Saija welcome to the priveledge of joining the ranks of being umemployed ?
Blessings and wishing all a very blessed Lords Day .