Friday, August 15, 2008

Please Pray For Cole & Taylor & Grandpaw Ron & Cole's Mom

Update on amazing grace man.
Dear everyone. I received this email from Grandpaw Ron's very good friend and pastor, Gorden Cloud the pastor of Pine Park Baptist Church.

"I talked with Bro. Ron this evening. He is at home and resting. The
procedure went as expected, he is in a good deal of pain right now, however.
He wanted me to express his thanks for your concern and prayers and he hopes
to be able to try typing in a couple of days.

Thanks again for your concern for him."

God bless,
Bro. Gordon

Cole writes "Hey everyone I know it has taken a long time but i have been trying to go to school and all. I am ok but I still hurt all the time and I throw up all the time. I know that it is going to be ok but I can not play football this year either. I try to go to school and I get to stay for a while but not all day most of the time. My mom is having a hard time she is trying to go to school, take care of us. Taylor is ok she is just sick all the time but she does go to school. I am trying to be strong like her but sometimes I do not know how she does it. Thank you for praying for us." Cole

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wise Words From Jessica A Stay At Home Mom

Jessica has kindly let me copy this most excellent post from her blog and I thank her so much.
I have read it over several times already and I wanted to share it!
She and Ryan are a young couple but they have a wisdom far
beyond their years!
Wisdom.. a gift from God and a willingness on their part to receive it!

Here is how Jessica introduces herself on her blog;

"I'm a stay-at-home mom with an awesome husband, a precious 2 year old little boy and a sweet 1 year old baby girl.God is SO good! Somedays, our tales are quite adventurous..."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Do you ever?

Do you ever just sit and ponder the way that your life is...whether you're doing the right things, whether you're making the right choices, are you making sure that you slow down enough to enjoy the time that you have now.
During our day to day scuffle, we so often forget to slow down enough to think about what we're doing, make sure that it's pleasing to God.
Do we even try to include Him in our day unless it's something pressing or just because it's something we want.
I find myself so many times forgetting to make God first and foremost in everything that I do.
It leaves me with an empty feeling at the end of the day, like I have lacked the most important part.
I sit in the evening pondering the things that I've said and the actions that I've done during the day and wonder just how differently my day would have gone if I had stopped just a moment to consult God about what I was saying and doing.
It pleases God when we pray to Him giving thanks and praise, but how often do we neglect Him until we need something?
God has blessed me with an AWESOME little family!
I love my husband *miss him TERRIBLY right now while he's working midnights* and I adore my two beautiful children.
I couldn't have asked for a better family. The thought of having more children thrills my heart.
God has fulfilled the desires of my heart and continues to pour out His blessings to me even when I neglect to give Him my all.
Rather than being known as a person who does whatever they want at the time or acting out hastily...I would like to be known as a woman of God. I want to be a testimony so that someone could say, "She really loves the Lord and puts Him first in her life."
I want to teach my children the importance of serving God and putting Him first in their lives.
I anxiously await the day when they can be saved.
The mere thought of it alone is enough to make my heart leap.
To witness the salvation of your children has got to be one of the most ultimate joys on earth.
There needs to be a more fervent stride to pause and put God at the beginning of our day, our plans, our everything.
At the same time, I don't mean to say that anyone should go about all day acting as if there is no fun in serving.
I believe that christians can have the most fun and joy of anyone.

Note: The above picture...yes...I'm being stabbed with a putter during a"fencing" match and I was putting forth my best effort to "die" as
gracefully and girley as I possibly could. haha.

Slow down today and consult with God.
Take time before you answer and think about what God would have you to say. Enjoy the time you have with your family.
Don't brush the kids off because you don't feel like playing, play with them.
Give them the little attention they need. They don't stay young for anytime at all. Ty is growing up so fast that it scares me. Macie is already under 2 weeks shy of being one year old.
There are times when the kids NEED me to play with them and I really don't feel like it.
I'd rather take time out for myself, flop on the couch and chill.
BUT, I ALWAYS feel better when I make myself stop and think of them before myself and play for a while with them.
It scares me when I look at them and can't remember what they were like just a year ago. What did they really look like then?
I carried Macie past a mirror today and stopped and looked and then completely freaked out when I saw how big she has gotten over what seems to be just this week. I don't want to miss my kids childhood by rushing around.
So, slow down, put God first, and enjoy your family!...Jessica

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday To my Forever Friend

Dear Noel...So sorry that I am a day late for your special day but I have been running late the last few months!
I hope that your other "old women" friends will have made you a cake and I hope that your precious children will have given you special birthday cards which their Dad will surely treasure!
So I will say a day late Noel Lewis, my forever friend....

Happy Belated Birthday to you Noel

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vacation Bible School

It is that time of the year that all of the older people and the teenagers at the Welland Gospel Hall pack up their cars with kids and bring them out for Vacation Bible School.
Who knows but the Lord what will be the results of sowing the good seed into these little one's tender hearts?