Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Song In The Night


passing-thru said...

A picture is worth a "thousand words" -
Perfect way to start this Lord's Day -

Thanks Terry

Blessings on U and Bernie

Amrita said...

Terry i do all those things you suggested, still I can 't watch videos. I love that M W Smith song.

Think its the connection problem, the bandwidth is not enough. i will complain. People don 't listen to you, its such a struggle.I am missing all those songs.

And since the Olympics started tne connection has slowed down a lot. I tried talking to my sis in NB but could have a proper conversation with her.

passing-thru said...

Sorry to hear of your internet struggles Amrita --
Must be frustrating - but Terry and I know of That Song that Sings in your Heart

Blessings to U

Jessica said...

Hey Terry! I wanted to drop by and say we were all thinking about you. Have a wonderful day!!!!

audrey` said...

A Song In The Night...

It's so comforting to know that we can hear God's song throughout the day and night =)