Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary Julie & Andy

Today is Julie and Andy's fifth anniversary and we are wishing them a really happy one!
How splendid that they have a whole weekend to celebrate! I am hoping that Sweet Inspirations Julie doesn't have to make her own anniversary cake although she is the bestest cake maker that I ever did see!
Five years married and little Madeline will surely enjoy it too!!!....Love Bernie and Terry

I dedicate this song to you Andy, Julie and Madeline!

If you would like a peek at the rest of Julie and Andy's wedding book just go to Julie's site at

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Minerva

Happy Birthday to my sweet friend from England....Minerva!

The picture of Mummy was created by one of Minerva's daughters.[I think!].

This is a picture of Minerva's kitties and her dog who are no doubt getting into mischief trying to steal their mother's cake!
They have been known to demolish the living room at Christmas time!
Well maybe they will behave for a little bit because I have stuck them on this birthday card where the only thing that they can do is to THINK of what devilment they will get into once they get themselves UNstuck!

Hope that you have a great day Minerva with your boy friend, your mother and your three pretty daughters and all those wild pets of yours!.....Love from Terry and Bernie and one spoiled kttty, "Shopping News"..

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday, created by Mary T is one good site!.

This is a picture of my beloved sister, Betty taken at Hamilton Hospital, the last day of her two week stay.
She had a double by-pass operation and a pace-maker placed next to her heart.
And because of the red hot prayers of her friends in blog land, mingled with the prayers of her church friends and family, she is now, although very tired, on the mend! All thanks to the Lord!
The little red cushion under her neck was given to her by her bother-in-law Bernie.
The people holding the little red hearts are her family and they are encompassed with an unbroken ruby line of all of the praying friends from Canada, United States, India, Norway and Australia!

Betty Jane Is Home

I would like to thank you all for the prayers for Betty and here are the results.
She is at home now, very comfortable and getting stronger day by day.
I must run now but I will have more pictures and more to say when I get home from taking Mom Golden to the doctors.
Thanks again everyone of you...Love Terry