Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Frail Gail

I have to post again! After all, I forgot to tell you who the pretty sister in the middle is. Her name is Gail. Sometimes we call her "Frail Gail", but I mostly call her Hortense!!She lives outside of Toronto and has three boys, Curtis[21], Philip[18] and Danial[15]. She doesn't look a day over 30,herself and neither does her husband, Ross Those kids keep that couple young!!!Or maybe it was the pure Toronto air!! Ha!

The Gathering Of The Golden Sisters

Last nignt six sisters from different parts of Ontario gathered at big sister's house[Betty] for a "sister portrait". Justin was very pleased that he mangaged to take this photo with Aunt Terry's camera! That is him in the top picture with his mother,Gracie. I surely do not know where all the years have gone!! The little blonde in this "sister" picture is the baby, Karen and she is 41 years old.!!
Gramma Golden is holding Katie, the black kitty and beside her is Darrell Michael Landon, son of Sandra who is sitting next to the fat lady in the dark dress!!Betty is on the far left and Gracie is sitting beside the little blonde.