Monday, March 02, 2009

Ruby Tuesday Sunday School Treat

Last Saturday was the Sunday School treat for the kids and I was unable to go because of being sick, and I had hoped to take some pictures for my Ruby Tuesday blog.
Well I just thought I would dip into my picture pool from last years' party and here they are!

This is a picture of Grampa Yade, signing and giving his book, "From Grampa With Love", to one of the little Sunday School boys.

And this is Grampa reading his book to a few kids.

This is our Katy.
She is a girl that has Downs Syndrome and who lives with Sunday School teacher Janice M, and her husband, Larry.
Sunday School is the high point of her week.
She just loves the singing!
Katy is 59 years old and she is a precious treasure to us all!
Hmmm..At least the calender has a little bit of red in it!

Darren, the Sunday School Super is leading the singing.
As you can see Katy is never too far away from where he is.
She likes to be as near as she can to wherever the singing is going on!

The little children just love "The Crayon Box Song".They take turns holding up the different colored crayons for the chourus.

When I was just a little child
No higher than your knee,
My mother bought a box of crayons,
Just for me.
I picked them up and I opened them up
And I looked way down inside,
And the colors there reminded me
Of Jesus when He died.

Red is the color of the blood that He shed,
Brown is for the crown of thorns they placed upon His head.
Purple is for royalty! For Jesus is the King
Yellow for the Street of Gold where Christians sing!

I really do think that most of the kids prefer the nice big red crayon!

This is Monica's class.
Monica is a Spanish girl who just loves the children and they love her!
Monica teaches the 9 and 10 year olds.

Jim taught the 11 and 12 year old children last year.
This year Darren's wife, Lori took over his class.

Darren has the oldest age class and it doesn't matter how old a person is.
If they want to sit in his class to learn, he is more than happy for them to do so.
When Darren was three years old, he was in Aunt Terry's class.
He is thirty now, married to Lori and has two children.
How ancient that Aunt Terry must feel, eh?

Janice teaches my old class of three and four year old kids.
That was always my favourite age of children to teach.
All three of Janice's kids were in my class.
They are all grown up now.
Every week Dan sits in Janice's class.
Dan is another challenged person who lives with a Christian couple here in Welland.
Just about fifty miles from here there is a home where adult children stay who have no where else to go and whose own family cant take of them ,so there are a few families of Christians here who have opened up their homes for these dear ones and consider themselves very blessed to add these precious people to their own family.
Very blessed indeed!

Delmi, another Spanish Sunday School teacher has the 5-8 year old kids.

Now I rounded up these ladies so I could take their picture.
Yes, they are all looking so sweet all right but you wouldn't believe what a hard time they gave me just to take one measly picture!
Not nice!
These ladies are the cookie makers!.....Ha!
And the hot chocolate makers!
Can you wonder why all the children love THEM?!

These two pretty girls are "my" kids.
I started to pick them up for Sunday school when they were two and a half years old.
Bernie used to let me take his big van and just literally fill it with kids to bring to Sunday School.
Jennifer, the girl in the middle is married now and the mother of two.
Her little girl who is three comes to Sunday School now.
Stacey who is 18 is a wonderful teenager now.
Now and then she comes out to the hall if there is a special occasion.

This lady is the mother of two boys who have been coming to Sunday School for about seven years.
They were real little pills when they first came.
We had to chase them all over the place and almost had to sit on them to keep them in place but they have turned out to be really nice teenagers and they know that we love them.
I find it really nice that the boys mom and dad come out every year to the treat and listen to their boys recitation and that they also come to the Sunday School picnic for the sake of their boys every summer.
I would of been so happy if Dad Golden had ever done that for us!
We would have really bragged about him to the other kids.
We were so proud of him!
After all wasn't he a fireman?

This is Janice's husband, Larry with my two girls.
Larry used to be the Sunday School super but alas, just as Aunt Terry, he retired because of age?
Hmm..I don't really know!
Maybe it was just a case of making way for the younger generation.

This cute young couple with the sweet toddler were visiting Welland.
The gentleman told the story to the Sunday School children.
That is a very becoming smudge on the child's nose, eh?
I wonder what SHE was into?

Part of the audience.
The Spanish couple, Fernando and Marta are parents to Delmi, and the girl beside them is their other daughter, Remi.
Katy is sitting beside Romeo.
Romeo, like Janice takes people into his home.
In fact Dan is living with him and his wife Sharon, who is sitting on the other side.
The little girl is Daisy who is Fernando's granddaughter.

Dan is sitting between Jason, who also lives with Janice and Larry, and Sheldon, on Dan's other side lives with Romeo and Sharon. [Everybody receives a big bag of candy at the end of the treat!]
Sheldon is blind.
For sure and Sheldon is blind but he is a treasure in the household of Romeo and Sharon!

Ha!....Gramma Yade surely does not like me taking her picture, but take it I must!
Gramma and Grampa Yade were best friends to my brother, David.

This little man is receiving his prize from Darren for coming to Sunday School all year, for memorizig his verses and for generally being a good boy.
His mother, Lori was in my class when she was three.
His father Jim was a Sunday school teacher.

This is Romeo and Sharon's granddaughter, Kaley, reading her prize book.

This little cutie is the son of Jim and Lori.
He is a real darling.
NEVER gives Aunt Terry a hard time when it comes to picture taking time!

Three little Spanish maidens, enjoying their ice cream!

These two little pills are up to no good, I know!

My girl, Stacey with a friend she has brought out for the Sunday School treat.

Janice ,sweet Sunday School teacher and friend, loved by all.
She and my Bernie are best buddies and that with no complaints from me.
Janice always has room in hers and Larry's home for everyone!

My! Our Spanish lassies sure do like their pictures taken eh?

This two pretties are Laura and Graceyn
They are two teenagers who have been coming to Sunday School and Vacation Bible School for two years now.
I hope that they will not outgrow it!

Yummy! That's what I'm talking about! The kids love the treat night because they can fill up with all the pizza and chips and goodies and ice cream and chocolate milk and pop that they want!
At least this pizza adds a little ruby red to this post, eh?

Jim, the man in the ruby red shirt is helping the kids with their verses!
That is his own little boy, Caleb that he is prompting.

Here is Fernando, grandson of Fernando and Marta, acting up instead of saying his verse!
Winning over the whole audience!

Jim's class saying their pieces...

All in all, I think that a good time was had by all!
I guess the treat this year was nice but I can tell you one thing.Nobody had a camera!How can a thing like this be?

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone and God bless you....Love Terry

Sunday, March 01, 2009

God's Blessings

A blessed Sunday to you all....Love Terry