Friday, January 08, 2010

For You My Felisol

dearest felisol. i am thinking of you today and i have finally found one of your favourite songs. i have been searching you tube for weeks!
we are praying for your cousin, slyvia and i hope as she goes through her operation for cancer and after the operation too, that she will have her hand in the hand of the terry

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Report Of The Golden Clan Christmas Eve And Christmas Night

all the best for the new years and may you find the peace that passes all understanding...the peace of god!

thursday evening dad and mom golden and the rest of the goldens in the city gathered at betty's and john's home for their yearly christmas eve get-together. this is really the only night in the year that dad golden comes out and so we always enjoy it.

of course dad golden's partner in crime, bernie came for the festivities and mom golden's side kick came too!

here is bernie and our rachel sitting together with the only grandchildren that betty and john have, these two dogs!

rachel holding on to betty's baby, the furry fluff....both wearing matching pinks!

this is number four golden kid, gary with his niece lena[gracey's girl] and his nephew darrell[sandra's boy.]

dad golden and mom golden surrounded by love in the form of sandra and her two kids, darrell and his girl, tanya.

this black kitty was the life of the party and lena's little guy, jordan really loves him.

and so does great gramma golden.

dad golden and our part of the family, leona are good friends. leona is always so helpful wearing her red clothing for a ruby tuesday.

mom and dad's youngest great grandchild, daniel with his dad marco [amanda's husband] and his auntie marie[eric's wife]

now this is betty and john's girl. amy. she is talking to her boyfriend who lives far away in united states.

well two can play at this game, here is our sister, gail who lives outside of toronto and who wanted to join the here she is coming through bright and clear on skype. it doesn't seem that long ago that betty was carrying her in her arms when gail was just a wee baby. i am so glad that amrita introduced me to skype!

what would we all do without our computers!

here the youngest of mom and dad golden's children, karen is showing mom golden the wonders of the computer. she is taking pictures of gail using her phone camera.

gail's big brother, teddy is in iowa but that doesn't prevent him from getting a piece of the action, he is on the phone talking to his little sister!

bernie has always thought a lot of gail and the years have not made his love to his little sisters any duller.

dad in another centre of love...gary, betty, and gail on a screen!

this is little john, our friend, dan and craig's[teddy's boy] and chris's little kids. the little lassie is wearing such a pretty pink dress. and they are all dining off of gorgeous red plates.

i love my dad golden!

and big john[betty's hubby] loves his mom golden!

this is the golden's new found treasure, joni who has come to live with betty and john.

i love her sooooo much!

little john with his arms around grandpa golden.

and mom golden gets her share of little john's hugs!

mom golden loves her new granddaughter, tanya, darrell's beau.

the end of an enjoyable mom and dad golden stand in the entrance to their apartment. it is way past dad golden's bed is nine o'clock! even if there WAS a bit of mistletoe here, he is way too tired to be handing out any kisses from his ruby red lips!

happy ruby tuesday everybody and here's hoping that our beloved teach mary t will continue on with her most wonderful ruby tuesday blog.............................god terry

Monday, January 04, 2010

Sorry About That!

dear blogger friends..i feel bad that i have to read your comments before i can publish them.
some nut is sending me not so nice comments and it is getting too hard to weed them out, and impossible, it seems to weed HIM or HER out! terry