Friday, January 08, 2010

For You My Felisol

dearest felisol. i am thinking of you today and i have finally found one of your favourite songs. i have been searching you tube for weeks!
we are praying for your cousin, slyvia and i hope as she goes through her operation for cancer and after the operation too, that she will have her hand in the hand of the terry


Jada's Gigi said...

You are a sweet friend Ms Terry.

Terry said...

dear jadi gigi..felisol has been such a good friend to me as have all of you girls have..
she prays so much for dad golden that he will accept the lord!
a couple of months ago i wanted to put this song in here just because she liked it so much but i couldn't find it and i think that it was the lord's timing that i found it today. it is funny that looking for a song on you tube takes just as long as it takes to find a greeting card at the stores. it has to be just the right one!
felisol has been bed ridden the last few days feeling ill and plus she is thinking about her cousin, sylvia who is going through a cancer operation..
yes, i really think this song comes at a right time Cheryl! terry

Felisol said...

Dearest Terry,
Thank you, this indeed was the right one.
From Felisol

fourkidsmom said...

Thanks Terry for visiting my blog. I hope to join soon. I have been bloging for a while but have been seeking out more blogs of Christian women more my age and am finally finding them. Great to hear from you.


Saija said...

that brings back sooo many memories!!!

Dimple said...

That is a good song, I liked it even when I didn't like Jesus much. I really need to post again on my Bible blog, I pray God gives me what to write soon!
Love to you and prayers for Felisol, Sylvia, and Dad Golden.

Amrita said...

Will pray for Sylvia.

Trish said...

My goodness Miss Terry I haven't heard this song in so long! You are a kind and caring friend to us all...remembering birthdays and always there with a prayer and encouraging word!
Will be praying for our Felisol and her cousin.

Jim said...

Please forgive me, Terry and Felisol. I have been here several times but didn't leave a comment. (I think the Lord still hears my prayers for them, but it does help the people to know who all is praying for you.)
I love that song, it is in my top XYZ's.