Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Books


this was a very good week to look for a favourite book and curl up on the couch, covered with a warm blanket and read to our heart's content.

mary t, our beloved teach sure gave us a good assignment for this ruby tuesday. just look at the little red car as it lays freezing in the drive way looking at our frozen house.. "little red car, i know that bernie used to put his motorcycle on a cold winter's day into our kitchen when we lived on ontario road, but our kitchen here is way too small and you are way too big! so outside you must stay little red riding hood.[as you aunt amrita calls you]."

this is the cold path that bernie and i faced as we walked into the little white house.

and these were the icicles that were reflecting in the windows of our computer room.

ah!..finally sticking to the assignment...i have placed on my computer my big red bible and three of my favourite poetry books. the author of the bible is god, and the author of those poems is my dear friend donna http://bhgalone.blogspot.com/..how glad i was when they arrived in a package from new york. all four of these books are precious to me!

these "elsie" books belonged to mom golden. she grew up reading them and they are very interesting indeed..they are very old and very worn but they are treasures to me...a gift from mom golden.

i have several books about castles and many books about different cities. the book about the great britain castles is full of many pictures and interesting stories and the book of toronto, which is the capital city of ontario tells the story of how the city was born.

now this young lady is one who i have always respected and in my mind she is my favourite of all of the royals..she was a good mother and a role model. she was just as sweet as the queen mother and it was a loss to the world when she passed away. i have so many books on her and even though i had to give hundreds of books away when we moved from our large house to this small white bungalow, my princess diana books all came with on moving day.

and so, as i said , this is a very good day for reading in our warm, cozy house.."poor little red car, don't you be fretting now, the days are getting longer and spring is on its way...you have mrs. mac, the snow queen of idaho to thank for all this cold weather!...for shame!"

Happy ruby tuesday everyone and happy reading and god bless you...love terry


Jim said...

Terry, your icicles should be in Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas we say, but that doesn't go for icicles, does it?

You did good on your assignment and I am sure Mary will reward you with a good grade. She is a very fair teacher.
I do wish she'd stomp her feet when she makes an assignment, I missed her words on this one. Guess I was busy admiring her picture.

I had a red New Testament but I gave it away. That was our only red Bible here. Mom Golden's books looked well read. How many times have you read them? Or does she not let you open them up?

When Mrs. Jim and I were first married I had been keeping my motorcycle in the kitchen. After we moved to a two bedroom apartment from the two ones it had to stay outside.
But we did have a VW engine under the kitchen table for almost a year. It was a larger transporter engine that I had gotten to replace the small one in my Bug.

Happy RT, I already have mine covered up so you will have to scroll down. I do have a pretty red Italian Casa Cantoniera to start things off.

donna said...

Dear Terry.....a lovely RT...you have blessed me once again....

much love

Constance said...

Good Morning Missy! I also have Princess Diana books! She was "relatable" since she and I were born a year apart (she in 1961, myself in 1960), she had Prince William a couple of weeks before my Jessica was born. I packed up the books and moved on long before she died but I couldn't bear to part with them so I still have them in a trunk. I haven't looked at them in a very long time, I just might have to blow the dust off them and thumb through them!

Amrita said...

Wow look at those iciles. my goodness.

Poor little R R Hood. Sending her some oil of warmth.

Love your books Terry. I am also a Diana fan and have some magazines about her Wedding etc.
Mom 's books are so well preserved.

My nephews have changed Sheeba into a queen, she 's on my blog.

Happy you got the card, although so late.

I feel so sad when I see Bernie 's Buddy widget.

PEA said...

Yup, I'd say those are some HUGE icicles! lol With the frigid temps we've all been experiencing lately, it's no wonder we're not going out but staying inside where it's nice and warm. It's actually "warming" up, though, and by the start of next week we're supposed to see temps of 4c!! Bring on the shorts! lol

You really have some great books there to keep you company on those cold days. My mom loves Princess Diana as well and has many books on her. I agree with you, she was the most wonderful of all the royal family and I still remember the devastation we all felt when she died.

I have that exact same book on castles:-) It had been sent to me by a penpal from England a few years ago. That Yesterday's Toronto looks like it would be quite interesting. I love finding out how our cities started...I have a book on Sudbury and I get a kick out of the pictures of how it looked like way back when.

Stay warm and be good:-) xoxo

Crown of Beauty said...

My dear friend Terry...the icicle pictures make me shiver. How cold it must be... but your photos, the red bible, the poetry books from Donna, the books from Mom golden...and that photo of the red car taken from inside your warm home... I can feel the love and the warmth of your heart dear friend.

Makes me wish I were near you, and we could hug one another. That's how I feel.

Well, love to you today. May you feel the warmth of this greeting all the way from Chiang Mai Thailand.


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Due to snow and ice I have barely had time to spend on the internet.
Gunnar found a cat, very like to your Sir Galahad outside our garage door yesterday morning.
We fought for 24 hours with the vet to save Mr. Cat, and went to see all of our neighbors to find the owner. All in vain.
The vet phoned this morning, Mr. Cat died 08 am.
So for now you can have ice and snow for me.
Your icicles are very picturesque though.
So is your home. Well groomed and a perfect place for two wonderful people to live.
I so like wooden houses. Most houses in Norway are also made of wood, kind of softer and warmer, eh?
The red Bible is just the way a proper Holy Book should be, well read, nicely worn.
Most of my Bibles are black leather. I have a red paperback edition though.
Bibles go cheap n secondhand bookstores. I buy copies to give away, if someone says, I should read, but I don't have a Bible. I once gave away the Bible I got for confirmation at the age of fourteen. It probably was a mistake. I find it hard to read in strange Bibles. Mine as lots of comments and underlinings.
After some years it was returned to me (long story), that's why I always keep back ups.
Aunt Lily got to borrow my dad's old Bible with big letters. t was returned to me in December. Sad.
Did you know that Norwegian Christians a hundred years ago were called Readers?
The year I prepared for confirmation I was called a "Reader Child".
Oh, dear Terry, I talk too much.
Now I must prepare for physiotherapist.
The Elsie books of your Mom are also a reader's treasure. Tell her hello from me.

And, I of course loved the People's princess, Diana.
I shed some tears both watching her wedding live on tv and then even more at her funeral.
Your post is so full of comment-able<moments, I can hardly stop.
Yours Felisol

Jada's Gigi said...

Great RT post my dear Ms Terri...love these cold winter days for snuggling in with a good book!

yellow_orkid said...

nice snow at ur country...

Mrs. Mac said...

Nice RT post Miss Terry. I have little Elsie books .. though they are a newer print than your nice vintage ones. Tell that Bernie fellow to watch out for those icicles or he'll poke his eye out;)