Friday, January 15, 2010

Sonny This Is For You!

sonny..this song is for you!..this is some what of a get well post to you, as you recover from the flu that has once again attacked you this winter,,,,i do believe that this here bridge is in your home town and my old home town[ha!! MINE 58 years ago!]

now i will have to introduce sonny to my blogger friends. really his name is reg but reg it will never be to me...many years ago betty and i and my brother, teddy were babysitters to this little laddie and his brothers and sisters.
just lately we have come back in contact with him through a rivers, manitoba site and i have taken right over again chiding sonny and making sure he tows the line and i must say that he is being a good boy and listens well!

these are four pictures of our beloved manitoba. just see how flat the land is and just look at all of the houses and the air force hangers and the church buildings and the store...and the skating arena and the fire hall and the schools..etc etc etc...well most of it is all gone now after the government closed the base and had most of the buildings and houses and the school too[!] torn down!

this is sonny's mom and dad and his little sister. the family lived about a two minute walk from the golden family.

and these are more brothers and sisters of that bad boy that i used to babysit. sonny and one of my baby sister's sandra panda were the best of friends in those prairie days.

when sonny grew up, he followed in his father's footsteps and served his country, i think in the navy...this little boy with him is his son. and he is really proud of his dad.

the following photos are of sonny's beautiful gardens. the sweet couple immersed in this picture is sonny's gramma and grandpa. they taught their grandchild almost everything he knows about gardening, although i do believe that as far as i can remember, sonny had a green thumb, even as a small child....look at these next pictures, the ones that sonny has taken of his lovely gardens and the ones that i have taken from him from his blog.

what a stunning pond that sonny has made.

the fish feel really safe in it.

all of god's creatures feel very safe and secure in sonny's gardens and they are free from predators as sonny keeps a watchful eye out for them.

they eat and drink to their heart's content!

this guy seems to be actually smiling at sonny, as he snapped this portrait.

miss butterfly is getting her fill of the pollen from one of sonny's flowers. now sonny knows all the names of these flowers but alas! me they are all just a really pretty bouquets of sweet smelling flowers!...that smarty pants even knows the name of each butterfly that comes a visiting him.

even the delicate humming bird has no fear of sonny and comes quite frequently for a taste of sweetness.

and this little thing is surely practising for the honey bee olympics!

well, take care sonny and look after yourself and you be a good boy now...ya' hear!

you can see many more photos of sonny's garden and pretty pictures of our home town at his blog which his nagging babysitter convinced him to create, is just full of them!

god bless you sonny and all the blogging terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Thank you for letting us get to know Sonny and his magnificent world.
A paradise of a garden, much work and love laid down.
Old bonds are strong, I am glad you have each other.
Sonny; you've got yourself a faithful babysitter, who will never forget you in her prayers.
Get well, real soon.
From Felisol

reg said...

O my, I am speechless, This is so nice. I have tears looking at this. Just WOW. O my Gosh> I truly do not know what to say.
Thank-you is all I can say for now, But there is so much more.
Like the last Video I posted to the rivers Site I referred to you as every ones Mom or Sister. It is so true

reg said...

I made a posting but not sure if it went threw

reg said...

O yes that walk bridge, it is just a block from my house Next to Grandview Lodge. I used to take Grandma there as she enjoyed the water and trees.

PEA said...

I just went over there to let him know how beautiful I think his garden is!! What a lovely post introducing us to Sonny and how wonderful that you're now in touch with him again. He certainly does take some gorgeous pictures!! Hope he feels better real soon. xoxo

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
"Everyone's mother and sister", I'm so grateful that you are in my life too.
Hugs from Felisol

Jada's Gigi said...

beautiful garden!!

akumangkok said...

Wow! What a beautiful garden your friend Sonny/Reg has! And such wonderful visitors to the gardens too.

reg said...

Thanx again Terry for the kind words and the us of some the pictures here. I am feeling better as it where. Now to get back to my site and do something.
At the Moment I am working on a different project for the base. A dedication Video of mainly of our Dads who served. But Mom's and family included. I am going to post it on Feb 15.

maryt/theteach said...

Terry, I feel I've come to know Sonny after your detailed and wonderful post! I hope he gets better from the flu soon! And thanks for your thoughts and prayers while I went through my procedure. I'll go over to Jim's and dimple's and let them know things are A-OK! :)

Jim said...

Mary, you are TOO GOOD to all of us readers. We appreciate that very much. I think you also enjoy doing it (enjoy being nice!).
This is a very nice introduction to 'Sonny' or 'Reg' as others call him. I like 'Sonny' just fine.