Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary Sis!

thirty eight years ago my sister betty married her sweetheart john.
it was the strangest thing! betty met john at my gramma well's funeral[mom golden's mom] and it was love at first sight!...about a year later they were going to be married and as john's dear mom was in the hospital at the time, and really too ill to leave the hospital for the wedding, well betty decided that the marriage would be at mom belzner's bed side and so it was! my brother, gary gave away the bride and it was sure one beautiful wedding!
well five kids later and two dogs later, it has been very hard for this photographer to catch a picture of these two together!...and so this picture will just have to do!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my dear older sister, betty and to my brother-in-law big john!
love bernie and terry

betty and john..the song is from bernie..

and this candle is from me!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Anniversary To Saija And Her Sweetheart


just a few short weeks ago bernie and i and the little red car visited leo and saija and their sweet kitty in their little dream house that was sitting in front of a beautiful romantic!
well i really can't remember if it is a sunrise or a sunset that they see relecting on that little lake but seeing as this is their 36th anniversary, and there are so many happy years yet to come, i put their photo on this sunrise that i swiped from google images!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY dear saija and leo....this is the first post i have written since we got back because i do feel like i have a little jet lag!